September is back to school time for many... back to work, back to the real world... all the various constructions that we fill our lives with. I'm here to tell you that you can't always be mourning the loss of something because it will take up too much time for celebrating the next thing. It's a general statemnet, I know... of course we do have to process everything in our life, but the whole thing is that you process by looking forward... What do we have to look forward to? Well, the fall is when all of the best tours happen. We're still lining more concerts up for you here at ye old Townehouse Tavern but I can tell you this...

The Heavyweights Brass Band - September 6th

The House of David Reggae Band - September 12th

The Wooden Sky - September 18th

Everytime I Die - October 2nd

Sloan - October 7th

The Beatles Night - October 24th

24th Street Wailers - October 31st

Oh Susanna - November 5th

Strumbellas - December 6th

White Cowbell Oklahoma - December 13th

The Burgers are juicy, the music is great... watch for more special matinee shows to happen... we're looking to host a Tuesday night Trivia League from 6-8pm... a Thursday post work jam - 5:30-8pm... plus the return of our Sunday Bluegrass and Gospel Brunch... it gives you lots to do in this week and really it is something for everyone... of pretty much all ages and stripes.

Friday, August 29th - Little Flatt and the Poorly Playboys + more guests - $7.00 at the door

Tonight we gather some of the finest of our scene together for a night of party, a night of celebration, and a night where some of the proceeds of the gate will go to sending a lot of our finest Northern artists down to Toronto for the Folk Music Ontario Conference in October. Watch for the exciting names to be added to this bill.

Saturday, August 30th - Bandit - $7.00 at the door

The last weekend of the summer should go out with a band... better to burn out than to fade away? Enter Ryan Levecque and his crew of miscreants and ne'er do wells for a night of great rock and roll.

Jazz Sudbury Festival celebrates another weekend of Jazz and Roots music through the city of Sudbury with concerts at The Grace Hartman Amphitheatre and at venue throughout the downtown core. The Townehouse is proud once again to be one of the offsite venues...

Friday, September 5th - The Lakeside Quartet - $10.00 at the door

The Lakeside Quartet is an eager group of young players carved out by glaciers at the end of the last ice age. Among the Laurentian mountain range these bodies of water coalesced over millennia to produce a closely knit group that retains the individuality of each member while being closely connected by the flow of ground water. Alex Gauvin on drums is the bedrock that forms the deep basins that collect and organize rain water. Dan Gavin on bass provides the seismic activity that keeps things moving. Both Zack Martel and Jacob Sterling on guitars are the water, an always shifting substance that you can't hold in hand, conducts electricity and is what makes life on Earth possible.

Saturday, September 6th - The Heavyweights Brass Band - $10.00 at the door

Whether receiving props from The Roots on Twitter, jamming with puppets on CBC Kids’ Mamma Yamma, recording with the legendary Giovanni Hidalgo or being championed by influential DJ and tastemaker Gilles Peterson, The Heavyweights Brass Band pack a one-two punch of crossover appeal and respect from music’s elite. Inspired by the New Orleans brass band tradition, the Heavyweights’ original stance keeps one foot firmly rooted in the rich legacy of jazz, while one foot steps forward into the future. Rob Teehan, The Sousaphone player from Lemon Bucket Orkestra and Boxcar Boys, makes a welcome return to Sudbury with the HBB.

Thursday, September 18th - The Wooden Sky - $10.00 Advance tickets. Doors 9:00pm.

The Return of The Wooden Sky... a special note here that Music and Film in Motion is doing an Artists Development program and is looking for an artist to apply to be a part of this Program that will include mentorship sessions and an opening spot for this evening... check out the program if you are in an emerging Northern Ontario band and want to get on the bill with The Wooden Sky!

Since the release of The Wooden Sky’s last LP in 2012, Every Child a Daughter, Every Moon a Sun, the intervening world has grabbed hold of the band, twisting and shaping the production of what will be their fourth album: Let’s Be Ready.

Navigating the strife and uncertainty of evolving friendships, lost loves, death and the ever-shifting challenges of the music industry, Gavin Gardiner (vocals/guitar), Andrew Kekewich (drums) and Simon Walker (multi-instrumentalist) found themselves in a new place: holed up in Toronto’s west-end—in Gardiner’s garage-turned-studio to be exact. With the help of familiar collaborators Edwin Huizinga (violin) and Andrew Wyatt (bass and vocals), the band spent grueling hours together digging deeper into their sound, looking both for answers to their doubts, and a way to quiet them.

The results, you could say, are loud.

The album was conceived amidst many changes for the band—saying goodbye to both a founding member and their longtime record label. In the process of putting the pieces back together, The Wooden Sky looked to the talent and brawn of friend and producer Chris Stringer. Together they worked and reworked the songs, studio-hopping around Toronto in order to give each track a unique shape and space on the record.

With Let’s Be Ready, The Wooden Sky draws on nostalgia to capture the warmth of the tunes that inspired them to make music in the first place. This warmth—coupled with a freshness that looks to the future—serves up a new sound and new hope for the band. Let’s Be Ready acknowledges the pains of the past but with a gentle optimism and acceptance.