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Every Thursday 5:30pm to 8:00pm
By the time Thursday rolls around... most folk are ready to roll off the week... Music at Sundown is a great chance for you to kick the weekend into gear and finish your week on a positive note. Great dinner, Great music. 5:30pm to 8:00pm

August 6th - Marc and Dan - The elder statesmen of the Sudbury music scene. Marc Savard and Dan Bedard are rumoured to have invented the word "Gig".

August 13th - Gord Este w/ Jamie Dupuis - Gord sings your favourites and a few hidden gems from the rock and folk rock encyclopedia. Jamie accompanies with lightning fingers and tasteful fills. It is no secret that he is the finest six string slinger in the north.

August 20th - Brooke Bruce - our chanteuse puts down the serving tray and serves music with guitar and a sublime voice. A mix of her own songs, a few favourites, and a few unexpected gems.

August 27th - Jenn Holub - After crossing the country with Pistol George Warren this summer and starting a 10 piece soul band... Jenn is going to have some stories to tell. Fabulous singer, writer and player... don't miss it!

September 3rd - Alex Leggett : Alex's songs run the gamut from weird and lighthearted to heart-rending and soul-searching. He's a talented singer, guitarist and songwriter with a ton of road experience under his belt. Don't miss this singular talent!


The Bluegrass Brunches are off for the month of July. We will continue on Sunday afternoons. 2-5pm on August 16th.  Thank-you all for your support through the season and we'll see you after we get all of these festivals out of the way.… bring your kids, bring your parents, bring your instruments.


As of May 1st, the patios are allowed to roll out along the sidewalks of the city.  Please… NO Smoking is allowed on the patio this year.  This means you CANNOT take your beer with you to smoke.  Those days are over.  We’ll find a system that is easy and you won’t even notice that things have changed. In the meantime, please refrain from smoking at the entrance to the patio.  You’ll have to walk a few steps down the street.  And let’s be clear on one thing… you can’t stand outside the patio, reach in and have a swig of your drink.  No climbing the fences… in or out.


This acclaimed annual event takes place on Saturday, August 8th from Noon to Midnight. Vendors from across the province will sample their seasonal and staple beers. Tickets are $20.00. Buy in advance or at the gate. Save your wait in line by buying in advance. Music all day!
Founded in 2013, The Elgin Street Craft Beer Festival evolved out of the two sister businesses, The Laughing Buddha and The Townehouse Tavern. The Buddha has been Sudbury’s home of Craft and Imported beers since its opening in 2005. Since 2008, we have driven the province to buy direct from the many small craft brewers in the province as well as purchased direct from importers and LCBO through our license.
The Townehouse Tavern has long been Sudbury’s venerable home of live music, presenting all styles of live music. Whether it be Punk, Funk, Blues, Jazz, Reggae, Rock, Roots music, Ska, Cuban, Calypso, Bluegrass, old time Country or even Metal… if your band was doing something interesting, this is the place to play.

The Festival closes down the sidewalk along Elgin Street and the adjacent Grey Street to create a single licensed area for over 1000 people under a special occasion permit. The first 3 editions of the festival have been single day events with 2 stages of music, indoor and outdoor eating areas and rows of tents for the Craft Beer Vendors. The future will see the event expand to a multi day event and beyond the current street borders.


Welcome to August.  This is the 240th calendar… the end of 20 years of every month bringing the news in this little fanzine (that’s what we used to call these things in the 90’s – ask your mom and dad about it).  Of course, we put all this up in your favourite digital spaces as well.  It’s a great month of music and heatwaves, food and festivals.  Civic Holiday weekend is full up with great music, then we have the Elgin Street Craft Beer Festival on Saturday, August 8th… followed by UpFest on August 13th-15th.  Many thanks to Clayton Drake who has been spending a lot of time this year helping me out and getting to know the ropes of the presenting game with me.  You’ll see a few changes to the format here in the writings and the layout as Clayton learns how to do more of these items that have been solely on my plate for the last 22 years.  In the event that I move on from this job… we’ve got a plan that is ready to be put in place.  Get your tickets for the Craft Beer Fest online here…
or pop into the Laughing Buddha or The Townehouse to pick them up.  Get your tickets for UpFest online by going to Eventbrite UpFest.  But more about that later in the calendar.  For now, let’s get to the bands that are playing this month.  It’s pretty great… Craft Beerfest is a full day, 2 stage concert with beer samples and a Trib to The Beastie Boys to finish off the day!!  Our great friend and Canadian rock monster Ian Blurton returns at the end of the month with Public Animal.  Plus our local favourites Strange Attractor and The Almighty Rhombus return with great bills to play on.

Saturday, August 1st – Radio Free Universe, Therapists - $7.00 at the door. 10pm

Radio Free Universe (Hamilton, ON) True Rock and Roll the way only the Steel City can produce. Big riffs, big vocals. For fans of Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Black Sabbath.
YouTube stream of American Gun:
Facebook page:
Therapists (Sudbury, ON) Sick pervs. Horrible live video of the band singing a song about mushrooms:
Facebook page:
Thursday, August 6th – Obsidian, The Dead Fibres, The Twentiest, Shawn Kosmo + the Machine - $7 at the door, 10pm
Obsidian (Sudbury, ON) - Stoner rock. Epic jams. Rippin it. It’s Devon’s birthday and It’s Zach’s birthday, so won’t you come chill with these bodacious dudes?
Their old reverbnation page:
Facebook Page:
The Dead Fibres (Edmonton, AB) - Hazy, fuzzy punky garage rock with a scorched-earth sound. Just loose enough. A little bit White Stripes, a little bit CPC Gangbangs. Pure filth.
Facebook Page:
Rag Doll Official Video:
The Twentiest (Sudbury, ON) - Tight, melodic punk. Kinda like Bad Religion with some NOFX mixed in there. Strong pop sensibilities. They started out as an acoustic trio playing at roadhouses but quickly realized that they needed some volume and speed. Also they kinda remind me of CIV and 7 Seconds. But those bands might be a little on the obscure side to make reference to. First song from their debut album “Particle Collisions”:
Shawn Kosmo + The Machine (Sudbury, ON) - What is man? What is machine? Shawn Kosmo answers both those questions to the tune of powerpop hitters.

Friday, August 7th – Milo McMahon, On Tap - $7.00 at the door. 10pm.

Milo McMahon (Montreal, QC) Milo McMahon is a 28-year-old singer, songwriter and producer based out of Montréal, Canada. Blending aspects of alt folk, dissonant surf core and what his treeplanting buddies call “screef rock”, McMahon’s multifarious canon weaves the stories and terrain of his Irish-Canadian upbringing, from his earliest days in Winnipeg and Ireland to his summers spent plugging trees into the rugged backwoods in the northwest, and his more recent emergence as a cultivated and multitalented entertainer in Montreal. Crowds and critics take easily to McMahon, not only through the creative energy of his songs, but to his laid-back charisma and charm on the stage.
McMahon is constantly experimenting with new material, bringing fresh energy and excitement to every performance. Whether it’s the miles he plotted laying timber crops as a planter, or the welcomed toil of refining his craft in Canada and overseas, his mettle seeps through his recorded work and shines in his live sets. His songs embark on themes of rural and urban isolation, persistence and above all his passionate outlook on love and life. These nuances share space on stage with his witty and flexible storytelling motifs and the constantly evolving flourishes of his musical improvisations.
Big City Hustle Official Video:
Milo is pretty fun to communicate with on Twitter:
On Tap (Sudbury, ON) - Grooving back-beats and chunked-out guitars is what On Tap is all about. Where's the beef? It's right here. It's in the 12 bar blues and every raunchy riff.
Live video:
Facebook Page:

Saturday, August 8th – Elgin Street Craft Beer Festival – all day – check out the previous page for bands and times….

Thursday, August 13th – Saturday, August 15th – UPFest Venue
What is Up Fest? ( Up Fest is a public art festival that culminates in an emerging music festival and is topped off by an all-night art crawl. It’s 8 muralists working on 8 new murals the week before the festival. It’s over 35 musicians in over 8 venues for 3 jam packed days. It’s an all-night art crawl where the weird and wonderful collide under city lights. Up Fest is organized by the cheerleaders & bubble blowers at We Live Up Here.

Thursday, August 13th – Submerged Objects, Dories, Scattered Clouds. $15 advance, $15 at door, 10pm

UP Fest Special Presentation. Buy tickets here:
From the upfest facebook event:
Sudbury based noise-trance collective Submerged Objects will take the stage of the Townehouse Tavern.
Montreal’s spidery jangle-pop group Dories will transcend genres and send festival goers into the stratosphere.
Finally, Hull’s Scattered Clouds’ dark, experiential and post apocalyptic power-pop will clear the skies and set the stage for what’s to come over the next couple of days.

Friday, August 14th – The Ape-ettes, Strange Attractor, Les Marinellis

11PM, $15 Advance, $15 at door
UP Fest Special Presentation. Buy tickets here:
From the Upfest Facebook Event:
Sudbury’s all-girl rock-garage-psych-pop trio The Ape-ettes will kick the Friday late night-off at the Townehouse Tavern followed by the Nickel City’s own Strange Attractor, the psych-punk weirdos who tour Europe more than they do Canada.
Finally, let’s kick it up a notch with Montreal’s Les Marinellis who just got back SXSW and from touring Europe. Catch these five garage-psych Montreal rockers live before gravity brings their balls closer to the ground. Rock & roll won’t be as fun when they all stop wearing waist size 32.
Le trio féminin de rock de garage et pop psychédélique The Ape-ettes lanceront les festivités couche-tard à la Townehouse Tavern, suivi d’une autre formation sudburoise, Strange Attractor, ces étranges bêtes de punk psychédéliques qui tournent davantage en Europe qu’au Canada. Enfin, on monte ça d’un cran avec Les Marinellis, qui reviennent tout juste d’une tournée européenne et d’un passage remarqué à SXSW. Assurez-vous de ne pas manquer ces rockeurs montréalais avant que les effets de la gravité ne se fassent sentir sur leurs parties les plus sensibles. Le rock & roll ne sera plus aussi drôle le jour où ils ne porteront plus de 32 au tour de taille.

Saturday, August 15th – BBBrthr, Doldrums, Beat Market -11PM, $15 adv, $15 at door

UP Fest Special Presentation. Buy tickets here:
From the Facebook event:
The night is still young and Sudbury’s BBBRTHR pronounced Baby Brother) will heat things up at the Townehouse Tavern with his one man traveling freak show creating dance music for people who hate dance music.
Toronto/Montreal’s recently signed to SubPop Records Doldrums will blast his wrecking-ball beats and basslines that could moonlight as Harley-Davidson engines.
Finally, Beat Market, the retro-futuristic laser-shooting Daft Punk-channeling duo from Montreal, will mix together a variety of genres ranging from house to dance music and electronica. The Townehouse won’t know what hit it.

Tuesday, August 18th – Atomic Bitchwax, Against the Grain – 8:00pm doors!! $20 tickets on sale now.

New Jersey's legendary, riff-centric power trio THE ATOMIC BITCHWAX (aka TAB) returns with gargantuan riffs and jaw-dropping psych sonics on its sixth full length LP,Gravitron. Now featuring TWO members of MONSTER MAGNET – bassist/vocalist Chris Kosnik and drummer Bob Pantella – alongside shred-tastic gunslinger Finn Ryan, the band has perfected its unique style of NYC hard rock that High Times appropriately tabbed, "thunder-boogie." On Gravitron, THE ATOMIC BITCHWAX's Rush-like riff mazes and carpal-tunnel-inducing riffs are on full display; every note bleeds with urgency. There's far too much exuberant energy on the record to lazily tag this as "Stoner Rock"; this is high-octane, '70s-based hard rock infused with stabs of psychedelia and landslides of Tommy Bolin-inspired guitar heroics ! Gravitron is an A-level masterclass in bad ass Rock'N' Roll and cements The Atomic Bitchwax as an undeniable force in today's heavy music landscape.

Wednesday, August 19th – Diemonds, Hollow Heads, Turn on the Neuron 6-9pm

It’s an early all-ages/licensed show! $10 at the door
Diemonds (Toronto, ON)
Just an incredibly fun hair metal band with choreographed moves and a tight, massive sound. They have a new album out now and you should definitely come buy it.
These guys were on the Kiss Kruise for cryin’ out loud: Pretty legit stuff
Facebook Page:
Hollow Heads (Sudbury, ON)
This is Quinn Zwarich’s band you guys. You’re not gonna come watch Peter’s kid’s band? What the heck is the matter with you?
This is a video of some band from Italy called Hollow Heads:
Facebook Page:
Turn on the Neuron (Sudbury, ON) Scorchy desert rock, riffy fantasia.
Live Video of Oak Tree:
Facebook Page:

Thursday, August 20th – Mélanie Brulée Band, Sex & Summer, Hyland Drive Band 11PM, $7:00 at the door

Mélanie Brulée Band (Toronto, ON) - Hazy, sultry franco, surf-country rock. Local fella Josh Turnbull used to play with Mélanie. He typically only plays in good bands. This band ought to be pretty rockin based on the video below
Live Video of Obtus:
Sex & Summer (Sudbury, ON) Kristen Brutto returned to town last year after putting My Cousin Karma to rest… and now with some rockin synth pop tunes via her new band Sex & Summer, we’re stoked to have Kristen back & we’re excited for her first Townehouse performance with her new band!
CBC Music Page:!/artists/Sex-Summer
Facebook Page:
Hyland Drive Band (Sudbury, ON)
Nathan Aubrey has put together a pretty solid backing band to add some oomph to the Hyland Drive tunes. Marcel Gauthier’s playing drums, so you know it’ll have a funky backbeat.
Facebook Page:

Friday, August 21st – The Almighty Rhombus, Grounders, Blonde Elvis - $10.00 at the door, 10pm

A shimmery evening of glam and pop rock.
The Almighty Rhombus (Sudbury, ON)
Local Damp Boy Band the Almighty Rhombus brings the heat back to the Townehouse stage. Can’t stop won’t stop bringin that pop, son.
Down South Official Video:
Official Twitter:
Grounders (Toronto, ON)
If you liked Homeshake at River and Sky, and if you like Mac Demarco and Real Estate, then Grounders has just what you need. These guys just played at the Pan Am Games y’all.
Blonde Elvis (Toronto, ON) You know them, you love them. If you don’t know them, where u been? They just played on the main stage at River and Sky. Choirboys of local origin Jesse Laderoute and Jordan Bellowos are in this band. They’re on a cool record label!
Fit For Her Official Video:
Facebook Page:

Saturday, August 22nd – Android 16, The Science, The Lifts - $7.00 at the door 10pm

The Science (Sudbury, ON) After a long absence from the scene, the Science make their return! Stoked to have these rippers back onstage at the Townehouse.
Facebook Page:
Android 16 (Thunder Bay, ON) Post-rock, which means big, sweeping tunes with epic climaxes. Reminds me of Mahogany Frog. Solstice, this is one you’d really like I think. Hopefully you’re in town bud.
Bandcamp Page:
Facebook Page:
The Lifts (Toronto, ON) Blues rock from the Big Smoke. Sexy licks, tasty jams.
Sky is Peeling Official Video:
Facebook Page:

Thursday, August 27th – Cage Call w/ Crossword, Antifrantik - $7.00 at door. 10pm

It's the return of the #CageCall hip-hop series hosted by @MCSilvertongue and Michael Fraser O'Brien of Kill the Autocrat. This edition will feature Toronto MCs Crossword and AntiFrantik, as well as locals Alumni et al. and more.
CROSSWORD: In a world obsessed with image, an Iranian-Canadian emcee already stands out without saying a word. But when the words flow, Crossword cements his status as an artist coming from left field. Having shared stages with hip hop legends (GZA, Jeru The Damaja, Jurassic 5′s Chali 2na) and up-and-coming artists alike (Stalley, L.A.), plus having worked with some of Toronto’s finest producers – Juno-nominated FreshKils, Rich Kidd and Junia-T, and toured across North America as a member of the award winning hip-hop-funk-rock band Vibonics, it’s clear this northern native has put in work and paid his dues.
ANTIFRANTIK: A scientist, filmmaker, writer, producer, and potent lyricist, AntiFrantik embodies both the rugged entropy and steadfast tranquility that has come to characterize the rising generation. Currently he is gearing up for the release of his LP, Love & Poison: A Powers Epilogue.
Any questions about this show and #CageCall can be forwarded to @MCSilvertongue at

Friday, August 28th – Public Animal, Napalmpom, Lanorme - $10 at the door. 10pm

Public Animal is a Toronto-based hard rock band formed in 2012. Featuring members of C'mon, Tricky Woo, Bella Clava & The Lying Cheats. Ian Blurton has carved out a niche in Canadian rock and roll with iconic bands like Change of Heart and C’Mon, plus very reputable stints with Bionic and Blurtonia. There has never been a quiet moment coming from his shredded guitar amplifiers. He continues to be among the more venerable producers in the land and rolls around with Public Animal to keep everything else balanced. Always a pleasure to have Ian Blurton in the house.
Napalmpom are a very, very good rock & roll band from Calgary, Alberta. For those who need to know more than that, behold:

P.J. Lavergne – Throat
Craig Evans – Strings
Shawn Petsche – Strings
Ian Baker – Big Strings
Matthew Bayliff – Skins
Napalmpom is a rock & roll band. No, Napalmpom is the rock & roll band. Picture MC5 bombast with Thin Lizzy dual guitarmonies, AC/DC showmanship, hooks only The Exploding Hearts could write and the down-to-earthedness of early Black Flag. Perfect band, right? Well, they’re not that band (sigh!), but they are trying their darndest to be. This is celebratory rock & roll.
Having already proven themselves as a must-see live band – a self-contained party unit – they’re set to release their debut LP on Teenage Rampage Records on October 17th. The Unconditional Love Of Napalmpom is 9 songs, er, love letters to the entire history of rock & roll music. These songs range from honest to goodness freedom rock anthems (“Get With Me”) to stoner rock epics inspired by Nick Cave spec scripts (“Ashes Ashes”) to mini rock operas about the similarities in hockey and punk rock uniforms (“Greg Ginn’s Sweater”). What they share is the pure joy with which they are played.

Saturday, August 29th – Oh Geronimo, Mandala, Free Dub Star, Weatherly - $7.00 at the door, 10pm

It’s the Oh Geronimo 7” release party!
Oh Geronimo (Burlington, Toronto) - These guys have just released a new 7” with a heartbreaking folk-rock ballad backed by a ripping, Wilco-esque triple guitar assault on the B side. Wait’ll they get those 3 electric just humming right along live; it’ll stop your little heart. The Flood 7” Album Stream on Exclaim:
Mandala (Sudbury, ON) - Mandala just got right fired up this summer and kicked total ass, winning the KISS 105.3 battle of the bands as well as La Brunante, and turning a lot of heads with their sound, which sounded refined right out of the gate. This is their last show before drummer Julien goes off to school at Humber. Hopefully Mandala continues on after this! FB Page:
FreeDubStar (Toronto, ON) - A psychedelic dub band with an edge.
FB Page:
Weatherly (Sudbury, ON) - Weatherly is back again to rock it right out this month. Weatherly stirs healthy doses of bands like Taking Back Sunday, Thursday & Brand New into a tasty alt-rock stew that'll keep you warm as you fondly recall your high school years.
CBC Music Page:!/artists/Weatherly
Facbeook Page:

Sunday, August 30th – 8pm – Blackout - $15.00 at the door

Keep Your Cool Promotions could barely wait to announce this one! Blackout...
With food, beer and America at the forefront, it only makes sense guitar player/vocalist Christian Gordy and drummer Taryn Waldman would meet at Gordy's 2011 July 4th cookout in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. Waldman, a former Hooter's waitress turned big time commercial film editor; and Gordy, a one-legged bartender/artist/BBQ enthusiast were an oddball couple for NY's rigid metal scene. With no direction and zero discussion the two instinctually began banging out some massive caveman jams that could party as much as they could crush. In the following months, the two recruited fellow rager and gun shot wound victim, Justin Sherrell, for bass duties... and things got loud and heavy. BLACKOUT — referring to blackout drunk, power failure, or a mobster hit on an entire family — was a no brainer of a name

Sunday, August 30th – Big Mama Lele – no cover – 11pm

Big Mama Lele (Toronto, ON)
Sexually-charged tunes performed with ukelele accompaniment. Big Mama Lele sings a special mix of double entendre, comedic honesty, and fun times. Her music is inspired by the sweet songs of early blues women, and a random assortment of cassettes from thrift shops.
She's toured Canada and the U.S, and even Siberia. GDFC: Good Ditties For Chords and Singles are her most recent albums, and she is working on two more to be released in the fall.
Live Video:

Friday, September 4th – The Classy Chassys, Sulphur City - $7.00 at the door 10pm.

The Classy Chassys, are a Saskatoon based Hard Rockabilly band. What is rockabilly you may ask…People tend to think Elvis, Johnny Cash and other 50s artists. However the group’s various influences of rock and roll, punk, blues, jazz and more combine to create a high energy, hard hitting sound, leaving you with visions of bands like Flogging Molly, Rancid, and AC/DC. With an emphasis on an explosive live show, guitarist/singer Matt Joyal, upright bassist Dan Neumeier, Saxophonist Kenny Martelli, and drummer Luke Saretsky prove that this ain’t just 50’s music anymore. The Classy Chassys have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with many great acts including Saskatoon’s own The Sheepdogs and One Bad Son. After releasing their debut album Ain’t No Thang in the spring of 2013, they have since joined forces with Danny Craig of Default to produce the Rebel Heart EP, released February 2015. Watch for The Classy Chassys, sure to be running through your town soon, doing their thang…continuing to put the rock in rockabilly, and to do it With Class!
"the Classy Chassys are by far our favorite band to play with in Saskatoon...their live show is pure rock and roll exuberance...mix that with exceptional songwriting and great guys, and you've got the next big thing coming out of Saskatoon." - Kurt Dahl: Drummer for One Bad Son
One of the best bands I’ve heard recently may not be reinventing the wheel, but their “straight, no-chaser” swing spirit and excellent musicianship caught my attention in seconds. The Classy Chassys look like hooligan ‘50s greasers with their thick leather jackets and huge pompadour haircuts — and I love it. Rockabilly in Saskatoon hasn’t been so good since the last days of The Heatscores. -Craig Silliphant, Planet S

Friday, October 9th – The Beatles Night – John Lennon’s 75th Birthday - $10.00 at the door

As the marquee suggests… today would have been John Lennon’s 75th birthday. The house musicians who have been playing an evening of this, pop music’s greatest catalog, for 10 years now… will come together to celebrate John. We are going to do do the Help album… to celebrate it’s 50th anniversary… and we’ll do a more John-centric night than we usually do when we tip more towards the Wings on the solo years. Favourites… obscurities… stompers and tear jerkers… finally we’ll do It’s Only Love with the full band! Matt Foy, Nick Krawczuk, Dan Levecque, Ryan Levecque, Paul Loewenberg, P. Rheal.

Saturday, October 10th – House of David Gang Reggae Band - $10.00 at the door.

Fill up this weekend on revolutionary songwriters. The House of David Gang returns, and since it is the second weekend in November… we might as well have them do the Peter Tosh Celebration that they did here a couple years ago. Many people think that Bob Marley was the voice of the Wailers… Peter Tosh was it’s Soul while Bob was the Dreams and Bunny was the Conscience. Peter Tosh was the voice of Social Justice in the band… gunned down in his prime before he could see the change in the world.