Without seeming like too much of an optimist… I must say that this hell spawn of a winter is at an end. We’ve had actual sunshine and temperatures above zero for the first time since October. Honestly… this was a big hump, wasn’t it? Anyhow, we’ll keep on moving through the meltdown and get ready for patio season. Sunday afternoons continue with the Bluegrass and Gospel Brunch from 2-5 every Sunday afternoon. Kids are welcome, parents are welcome. Omelettes are tasty. The line-up on stage is ever changing, but the search through Americana songbooks is the same. The song collector work of Mike Seeger, Alan Lomax, Pete Seeger, Woody, Leadbelly and more is put to play here as we bring back the songs of the seeds of bluegrass, gospel, folk and roots music. The kids love it, the parents get to have a sweet coffee or even a beer… it’s Sunday and there is no better time to hang with your community and sing songs. In this ‘They Live’ age where 500 channels, multimedia entertainment and advertising prevail over so much of people’s attention span… sitting back and slowing things down for a little olde timey isn’t just good for the soul… it’s downright subversive.

Wednesday, April 2nd - The Wooden Sky, Dusted - Tickets $15.00

The Wooden Sky are a Canadian indie rock band based in Toronto, Ontario. They formed in 2003 as Friday Morning's Regret, but changed their name in 2007. They are currently signed to Black Box Recordings who has released their last two records.
The band recorded their second album with producer Howard Bilerman (Arcade Fire, Thee Silver Mt. Zion, Basia Bulat). This record, released on August 25, 2009, saw them push the limits of the folk and country genres that was heard on When Lost At Sea with a more sonic and multi-instrumentally layered aesthetic.
They toured extensively since 2009 in Canada, Europe and the United States in support of their subsequent albums, playing several sold out shows here at the Townehouse and a legendary set at the 2nd River and Sky Festival.
After six years of constant Holy Fuck touring, Brian Borcherdt emerged from the tangled cables and broken drum machines with a slew of new songs. Looking to explore a different sound, Borcherdt teamed with drummer Leon Taheny and recorded in a converted garage under the name Dusted.
The resulting album, Total Dust, resides in an atmosphere that is sometimes melodic, sometimes haunting, and always clouded by a fuzzy glow. With string arrangements and half-hidden guitar feedback held together by the occasional tambourine and minimal drum machine, the stripped down mood perfectly complements a collection of songs that are more than capable of standing on their own merits. Live, Dusted challenges the sonic limitations of a two-piece. Vocals and guitar are expelled through small overblown amplifiers and bolstered by a raucous backbone of live drums, 808 samples, and bass synth. Since their stage debut this spring, the band has performed with A Place to Bury Strangers, Smith Westerns, and US labelmates Deerhoof and of Montreal. Back home in Canada the duo has been playing parties with fellow friends and label mates Bruce Peninsula, Little Girls, Odonis Odonis, and Chad VanGaalen.

Friday, April 4th – The Sal Piamonte Band - $7.00 at the door

Sal Piamonte & Band making his first trip back to The Townehouse since his L.U. University days playing with his first band "nickelbender"... Coming off two great shows in Ottawa and Kingston, the SP Band is ready to RAAWWWWKKK Sudbury with a steady set of original feel-good Rawk n' Roll...
For those who haven't seen Sal's "Lay It On The Line" hockey song which was featured Nationally on the CBC during the "Hockey Day In Canada" broadcast, you can view it on CBC's page here:'s+Hockey+Night+in+Canada/ID/2430834046/

Saturday, April 5th - River & Sky Campfire set reprise - $12.00 at the door
w/ Phèdre + Ken Park + Strange Attractor

Memories of wood smoke & damp bathing suits. R&S Campfire Set reprise featuring Strange Attractor and Phèdre (Daniel and April of Hooded Fang). Advance tickets at: The Townehouse Tavern, Eat Local Sudbury, Cosmic Dave's Vinyl Emporium, and Cosmic Dave's Guitar Emporium.
Phèdre is an experimental, indie, electronic project based in Toronto, Canada. They released their debut album in 2012. Daniel Lee and April Aliermo, both of Hooded Fang, recorded Phèdre’s breakout debut with Airick Woodhead of Doldrums. They’re down to a duo for the follow-up, Golden Age, but they’re adamant that Phèdre is not a two-piece band. Instead, it’s a loose, amorphous project that spontaneously sucks in any of their friends who happen to enter their orbit.
Scott Harwood a.k.a Ken Park has only been back in Toronto a matter of months since returning from Berlin, but he's already all over the city's music scene, opening for Princess Century (Maya Postepski from Austra), Phèdre, and Petra Glynt, and receiving a very enthusiastic response from all audiences. His music feels both familiar and like something incredibly rare and precious. It's challenging, experimental, honest electronic pop that makes you want to dance.
Strange Attractor is six records in. The band is a hopeless romantics belief that punk rock can be saved by honest simple songs played loud and fast. I’m inclined to believe them.

Friday, April 11th – Murder Murder record release party w/ The Blazing Elwoods, Coast Redwood- $7.00 at the door

After such a long wait… oops, hang on… Murder Murder started one year ago. They wrote their first batch of songs, recorded them, pressed a record, went on tour and now as they turn 2, release this record to their home team in Sudbury and get ready for a busy summer. Jon, Sam, Geoff, Beech and Duschesne have created a new strain of outlaw music… with guest Barry Miles on tour the band has become a formidable stage show of playing, songwriting and singing. It’s songs about betrayal, murder, death, hurt, left and leaving. There is no redemption but to sing to save your soul. It was true in Angola as it is true now. Only through song shall ye be saved. They call it Bloodgrass Music.
Opening the evening is new band of old souls… The Blazing Elwoods. The Blazing Elwoods are the brainchild of Brent Wohlberg, a singer/songwriter from Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. Five years ago, Wohlberg found country music and realized that he had to write a country album. He wanted to follow in the footsteps of his new-found heros, Hank Williams Sr., Johnny Cash, Mr. Stompin’ Tom Connors, and all the old-timers that put a stomp in your boots and a tap in your toes. The album was self-produced and recorded at Wohlberg’s studio, Artifact Media over the course of 3 years. It features talented guest musicians including Sarah Matt, Peter Learn, Donny Reed, Marc Donato, Guy Coutu, Brian Quebec, Joe Fiorino, Chris Peplinsky, Nick Krawchuk, Kevin Closs, Sean Barrette, Chris Leblanc, Rick Moggy, and members of Sudbury’s Les Troubadours.

Saturday, April 12th – Northern Lights Festival Boreal Meltdown - $10.00 .... 3pm – 10pm

Throughout the day… from about 3pm on, we’ll be hosting the annual Northern Lights Meltdown – it’s auditions for the 43rd annual festival, to be held on July 4, 5, 6. You’ll see a long list of Northern Ontario’s emerging artists and our finest writers, poets and singers

Saturday, April 12th - the 24th Street Wailers w/ Dr. Tom’s Traveling Medicine Show - Record Release party with guests - $10.00 at the door

The 24th Street Wailers return! Still regarded by many as the highlight of their Northern Lights festival Boreal last year. It’s a firey explosive R&B performance that brings together the best energies of the 40’s and 50’s rock and blues scenes. As they say it… back when the Sax player got the girls. And their sax player, Jon does feel like he was transported right out of a Little Richard record. Experienced, road-tested and tougher than a two by four, The 24th Street Wailers are five musicians who originally met in music school. Their major influence? The sounds from the freewheeling period when the Blues gave birth to Rock and Roll in black communities in major American cities. When showmanship mattered.
Opening up is Dr. Tommy Fyfe’s Traveling Medicine show… a throw back to old time blues and ragtime… Sudbury’s Tommy Fyfe hits the stage on guitar and kick drum, daughter Steph Fyfe sings co lead on the set and Paul Loewenberg on the upright bass. It’s old time blues.

Monday, April 14th – Will Gillespie – pass the hat – 10pm.

Our good friend Will returns to Sudbury. His new album is the latest in the long line of great records from Will. "Will Gillespie is a one-of-a-kind finger-picking, old-time crooning, genuine songwriter you absolutely MUST see perform," writes one reviewer (Matt Thompson). Classic, honest, sometimes theatrical songs and a charming stage persona, Will Gillespie is one of those Artists that really has his own voice both as a writer and guitarist. and showman.

Wednesday, April 16th – Craig Cardiff - $15.00 advance tickets/ $20.00 door

For the past two and a half years, Craig Cardiff has been passing around a Book of Truths during his shows and asking his fans to share something truthful in it — a story, a confession, a hope, a secret. The book gives fans a chance to write down something they might be too afraid to say out loud, and it gives Cardiff an opportunity to connect with the people who come to his shows.
Those entries aren’t always easy to read. The stories can be heartbreaking, and they can leave Cardiff wanting to do something, to find the person who wrote in his book and tell them to hold on for tomorrow, that things will be OK. Cardiff’s new album, Love Is Louder (Than All This Noise) Part 1 & 2, has turned into a response to those stories. This double album, released November 19, 2013, offers 21 tracks that are connected by an underlying sense that there are better days to come.

“I didn’t realize it at first, but this collection of songs is just really to help people be OK and to let them know to just wait until tomorrow, stay here and push on through,” says Cardiff. “Every song has that kernel of hope and joy, even if it’s not apparent at first.” The Arnprior, Ontario-based folk singer worked with producers Ben Leggett (Faraway Neighbours, Ben Hermann) and Andre Wahl (Hawksley Workman, Luke Doucet) to record an album that is quite different than anything Cardiff has released before. Love Is Louder (Than All This Noise) is one-part boisterous group sing-along, one-part gentle lullaby.

This is the same team that produced Floods and Fires, the album that earned Cardiff a nomination for a 2012 Juno Award for Roots and Traditional Album of the Year: Solo and a Canadian Folk Music Award nomination as 2012 Contemporary Singer of the Year. This time, Leggett and Wahl told Cardiff they wouldn’t let him make an album like the ones he’s made before.

Thursday, April 17th – Skipapalooza IV – TooNice Reggae Band - $7.00 at the door

Under the influence of Jamaican roots reggae, British Ska and SoCal, TooNice brings you the non stop dancin and skankin music of the Canadian Shield! Fresh and refreshed reggae and ska at it's finest!

Friday, April 18th – Sapporo Support - $10.00 at the door The Willow Wren, Live from the Bur and more TBA

For a lot of people, the revolution of our downtown food scene was forever changed when the Sapporo Ichibang opened its doors on Cedar Street many years ago. Recently, the parking structure around the building that houses our favourite Sushi restaurant was deemed ready to come down, and without warning, the absolute best Japanese and Korean food that most people have ever had was gone (a big boast, yes, but honestly, I’ve eaten Sushi in maybe 50 or 60 restaurants in maybe 15 cities in North America… and it’s pretty much the best there is). There is a concerted effort of artists, professionals, friends etc to help raise some of the money for Jeff and Angela to get the money together to turn their new space into a restaurant. Tonight we will help out our friends as only a community can.

Saturday, April 19th – Low Animal, The Re-Bops - $7.00 at the door

Too often, critics try to praise two-piece bands by saying it sounds like there are more than two people onstage. Low Animal doesn’t sound like there are more than two people onstage; they sound like there are two giants onstage. Low Animal are simply too heavy to be supported by the foundation laid by other blues-rock two-pieces. Cracks in this foundation are starting to form, and pieces are splintering off, landing in territory varying from post-rock to hardcore and outlaw country.

Thursday, April 24th – Local Bands Night - $5.00 at the door

The Socials are a four-piece high-energy rock/indie band out of Barrie, Ontario. Their sound has been compared to Gaslight Anthem, Attack In Black, and The Constantines. The Socials are a hard-working, sweat-drenched, high-energy rock band.
Horse Lung crush with a monolithic onslaught of heavy, fuzzed out, psychedelic riffs. Sudbury, ON three-piece playing instrumental stoner doom.

Friday, April 25th – Strange Attractor, Geyser, Bad to the Drone - $7.00 at the door

Garage, Punk noise and fury.  Of course I’m excited that Strange Attractor and Geyser are playing… but equally so about Bad to the Drone… otherwise known as Droney M… or Drone with the Wind.  When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.

Saturday, April 26th – David Suzuki Foundation annual fundraiser night - $8.00 at the door

Back for another year, the DSF fundraiser is a night to share information about the devastation we are employing on the planet and talk about ideas to decrease the speed in which we are racing to global crisis. Also… a night of fantastic music from these local artists.
Blackwater Acoustic
Run it by Steve (RIBS)
Jess Crowe
The White Feather Project
Matinee Mondays… as the summer comes in and patio season gets swinging, I want to try a little music in the evening. Call it Matinee Mondays. You come out for dinner and we’ll fill your early evening with music on Monday nights. We’ll get started around 7:00 or 7:30pm. For you singers playing the solo shows, here’s the gig you can get your co-workers and family to come out too.

Monday, May 5th – The Dead South - $7.00 at the door – 8:00pm doors - 9:00pm show

The Dead South is a four-piece acoustic ensemble based in Regina, Saskatchewan that has been playing together since September 2012. With gritty vocals, soaring harmonies, blazing banjo licks, and prominent cello melodies, The Dead South blends elements of folk, bluegrass, classical, and rock which results in a unique, modern, and authentic blend of toe-tapping acoustic music.
Since the inception of the band, The Dead South has continually pushed the energy of their live shows, as well as pushed what is possible between four ordinary acoustic instruments. The unique abilities and viewpoints of each band member make The Dead South an impossible band to duplicate, and a fixture of the Regina music scene that will not soon be leaving.

Stay tuned for more exciting news about up and coming festivals, events… the return of Ian Blurton’s Public Animal… Comeback Kid… The Lemon Bucket Orkestra and much more. Keep your fingers crossed that we get a nice spring.