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Music at Sundown
By the time Thursday rolls around... most folk are ready to roll off the week... Music at Sundown is a great chance for you to kick the weekend into gear and finish your week on a positive note. Great dinner, Great music.

April 2nd – Jessy Brunette – Our doe-eyed country sweetheart takes a dinner gig.  Mixed in with her own songs, Jessy with pepper us with Loretta Lynn, Wanda Jackson and more

April 9th – Marc Savard and Dan Bedard – Marc and Dan take us through the best in Ryhtm and Blues, some old Jazz pop tunes, a little funk and a little straight up rock and roll.

April 16th – No Sugs – Andrea and Sam – Sultry vocals from a bourgeoning pop star.  Andrea and Sam play a mix of blues and rock, some jazzy numbers all with their twist of smoky interpretation.

April 23rd – Venessa Lachance, Fredéric Gary Comeau – This evening is a hosted by Prise de Parole and will feature readings, musical performance and networking.  It will be a great night for any music fan, plus the producers and artists will be getting some business done as we go along.

Well this should be our time of spring… but things being what they are usually find me writing the April calendar during the last snowstorm of March.  This year is no exception… a windstorm quickly turned into 10cm of blowing whiteout snowstorm.  Yayyy.   Of course, no winter will ever be worse than last year… it was just dump after dump last year… snowbanks were huge… this year we have a new hope for life… Stephen Harper retires on October 19th, we have a new Mayor and new Council… everything seems to be fresh and hopeful.

This is a great time to get to know your favourite locals.  The Patios will be up at the end of this month and you will have to remember a few simple things… Alcohol must never be removed from the premises… You CANNOT smoke on patios this year.  You cannot climb the fences of patios to leave or to come in.  Don’t flick your cigarette out into our garden boxes… we’re trying to grow some flowers here. 
The Laughing Buddha will have the main patio, the front patios and now the private patio… that’s right… you can rent, for special occasions, the Backroom AND/ OR a private patio to go along with it.  The Townehouse patio will be expanding out onto the sidewalk along Grey Street, encompassing much of the loading zone as it exists now.  A temporary sidewalk will be placed over the loading zone for the summer in order to widen our patio seating.

The Townehouse Thursday Dinner gigs, Music at Sunset, and the Buddha Saturday Night Jazz gigs will wind down as it warms up outside and we will work on new gigs to play to all the folks that are patio bound for the summer.  As always, we will do our best to keep you with options to live in your community.  We want your art, your music… we want you to trust us to deliver new music and art to you… We’ll deliver new food experiences to you.  And maybe starting this summer… The Laughing Buddha and The Towne House Tavern will… deliver your food to you… but stay tuned on that matter…. I’m still trying to finish these renovations with our handyman, Scott Perrin and get all the other living done that is usual to this time of year

Thursday, April 2nd – Big Z and Me + Vinyl Tap DJ’s Clayton, Max and Paul - $7.00 at the door

We’ll start the night off with DJ’s playing obscure funk, punk, hip hop, trippy music and beyond.  Clayton, Max Silvertongue and P.lo go head to head for a while before the night gets crushed by Big Z and Me.  If you come early and bring a record for the DJ’s to spin, you only pay $5.00 at the door. Proceeds from the evening will go toward Northern Lights Festival Boreal.  Spencer and Zach will play all manner of rock and roll from their own songs to White Stripes, Black Keys, Strokes, The Hives, Vampire Weekend, Mumford and Sons and much much more.

Friday, April 3rd - Snowtown Revival - $7.00 at the door

Join us on Good Friday for the soulful sounds of Motown and Detroit Soul music.  Don, Zach, Ben and Joey anchor this ship across the vast repertoire.  Anita and Dani are often along to sing the high notes, the funky notes and just generally class the place up.  It’s the best dance party of the week, you can be assured of that.

Saturday, April 4th – Muddy Waters 100th Birthday with The Whiskey River Blues Band - $7.00 at the door

McKinley Morganfield came into this world on April 4th, 1915, according to him.  As Muddy Waters, he built a house at Chess Records that was the foundation of Chicago Blues and Rock and Roll.  He gave us his own songs and gave voice to the best songs that Willie Dixon wrote.  He is the foundation that gave us Chuck Berry, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and so much more.  Join with the Whiskey River Blues Band tonight as Tommy, Pete, Andy and Steve pay tribute to all that has come of the music of the great Muddy Waters.

Sunday, April 5th – Jon Sam and Barry – no cover

It’s the front line of Murder Murder vs The Easter Bunny.  There is really one of two ways this can go… we’ll be having Rabbit Stew along with our Bluegrass and Outlaw Country music… or that Rabbit will be Dynamite and Jon will have to summon Brother Maynard to bring forth The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch… and then we’ll have Rabbit Stew along with our Bluegrass and Outlaw Country Roots music.

Thursday, April 9th – OK Vancouver OK, KMVP  - $7.00 at the door

Ok Vancouver Ok has been described as "anti-capitalist indie music with an environmental message". They're a 3 piece do-it-together lo-fi no-wave experimental pop band.
Check out their video for "What's My Memory For?" for an idea of the band's aesthetic: Vancouver Ok has been described as "anti-capitalist indie music with an environmental message". They're a 3 piece do-it-together lo-fi no-wave experimental pop band.
Check out their video for "What's My Memory For?" for an idea of the band's aesthetic:
KMVP is a woman fronted lo-fi punk act from Vancouver.  Described as cheeky lyrics and show stealing.

Friday, April 10th - Les Giselles - $10.00 at the door

Pandora Topp fronts this 8-10 piece party band. A great horn section and accompanying vocals for a solid rhythm section pumps out a great collection of party music from the 60's, 70's and 80's. They cross the floors of Pop, Disco, Soul, Franco Ye-Ye, a bit of Synth Dance Pop... The band is called on for all sorts of wedding and corporate gigs, but once in a while they just have to get back into a rock and roll club where the dance floor is tight and the sound is warm. A healthy mix of hits and dance gems, English and French. You're only regret of a night with The Giselles is sore feet if you don't wear the right shoes.

Saturday, April 11th – Gazoline, Patrick Wright et le Gauchistes, Lanorme, Dead Words - $7.00 at the door

Trois garçons. Beaux garçons. Mi-badass, mi-lover. Du cuir. Des blousons pourpres. Des guitares empoignées à pleines mains. Des traits de clavier. Teenage love la nuit. Grosse lune pleine. Sur scène, une odeur de fuel … pour y mettre le feu. Devant la scène, du brassage de têtes, des déhanchements de fessiers d’filles. Last Call ! Gazoline défendent une pop forniquée avec le rock dans une prose francophone. Gazoline c’est aussi un vocabulaire décomplexé qui laisse place à des textes imagés: chansons pyromanes qui répertorient les excès de ces jeunes conquérants de la nuit, victimes du jour, des démons qui hantent, des promesses de fête et d’émotions trempées de sueur. Un son qui propose d’authentiques moments de rock ponctués d’une collection de refrains obsédants plombés d’un esprit pop/love. Gazoline c’est comme un one night qu’on a envie de donner suite.
Actifs depuis 2006, le premier EP Furturbabymama (2012), fort bien accueilli, a propulsé la formation à faire baver autant l’industrie musicale que le public lors des Francouvertes 2012, où ils ont remporté la deuxième place. La même année, habités d’un sentiment de fun, les ambitieux survivants du Saguenay migrent dans « cette ville » pour s’imprégner de la faune nocturne montréalaise. C’est qui marque une nouvelle identité pour le tout dernier album homonyme de Gazoline, puisque les gars s’entourent à nouveau de Xavier Caféïne à la réalisation (l’ange gardien), de Ryan Battistuzzi comme co-réalisateur (Malajube, Les Breastfeeders), de Gus Van Go (Les Trois Accords, Vulgaire Machins, Priestess), ainsi que d’amicaux collaborateurs : Colin Moore et Marie-Anne Arsenault (Propofol, Ariel). Le visuel de la pochette signée Alexander Ortiz (We Are Wolves) et les images de John Londono appuient sans doute l’univers séducteur de Gazoline comme l’esthétique d’un presque nouveau groupe, qui s’insère avec grâce dans notre époque.
Dead Words
Powerpop all the way from Ft. Worth, Texas. You like hooks? Hell yeah you like hooks. For fans of early Green Day
Patrick Wright et les Gauchistes

Monday, April 13th - Shannon Lyon - $10.00 suggested – 8:00pm doors

Shannon was one of the road warriors that played here regularly when he lived in Ontario in the 1990’s.  His band, The Pop Explosion were regular favourites at The Townehouse.  It’s been awhile so please welcome Shannon back.  Lost Creek (Lyon's 12th studio album), launched in January 2o15 reveals Lyon's vintage pop-rock sound that he was known for on earlier recordings.  "After recording 'The Lights Behind' in 2o14, which was mostly a solo acoustic affair, I had the urge to strap on the old Gretsch and turn up the amps again."  Lost Creek is a collection of 12 songs put together in Lyon's cabin studio (a log cabin set inside the Monashee Mountains of British Columbia, Canada).
"I live in a remote area on a dirt road which is prime cougar country. When the sun goes down you wouldn't walk down my road without a rifle, so I got a lot of work done in my studio."

Thursday, April 16th - Open Stage Live - $cover at the door

Clayton and Tyler have been hosting this talk show / game show / open stage for over a year now and in that time, they've worn bikinis onstage, engaged in a triple superstack eating competition, and given away hundreds of dollars in cash prizes. Open Stage Live is a weird carnival where the house band is a drone/noise act, and performers are encouraged to do literally anything they want.
If you want to perform, make a post on the wall for the facebook event to reserve your spot:
If you don't have facebook, send an e-mail to

Friday, April 17th - Too Nice Reggae Band - $7.00 at the door

At first there were only Sounds and Music. One day, seeking a resting place Music descended to the waters. There she swam until she noticed a beautiful bird also searching for a resting place. Music raised her knee towards the bird so it could land and it did. The bird then laid four eggs made of notes and one made of rhythms. As the bird incubated her eggs, Music’s knee grew warmer and warmer until finally she was burned by the heat and reacted by jerking her leg. This moved the eggs and they fell and shattered into the waters. TooNice was formed from the lower part of one of the eggshells while words formed from the top. The egg whites turned into the bass and drums, and the yolk became the guitar and trombone and the water ripples whispered amazing harmonies.
Music spent awhile floating in the waters, admiring the results of these broken eggs until she could not resist the urge growing inside her to continue. Her foot prints became pools for songs and simply by pointing she created verses and choruses. In this way she made all that is TooNice. Then one day TooNice gave birth to an album called Change. Change soon swam off until he found land but the land was barren. So he went about carrying songs and spread the TooNice vibe across the land. News spread about the natty times to be had with TooNice. Shortly the land began to feel the warmth of the Roots Reggae groove and its barren days were numbered thanks to TooNice!

Saturday, April 18th - Annual David Suzuki Foundation Fundraiser - $10 at the door

In honour of Earth Day, The White Feather Project is hosting the annual David Suzuki Foundation Fundraiser at the Townehouse. Come on out and help us raise money for a great cause!  We’ve been partnering with Mel and Jay for near ten years on this fundraiser.  This was the last place we saw Apparatus fly its wings and now is home to Mel’s new music.  It is always a good time to engage in discussion with people about sustainable living… whether it be a rooftop garden, community greening, fuel efficiency and reducing power consumption… or larger issues like the federal government cancellation of research funding on the impact of industry on lakes and the protection of our waterways.
100% of proceeds will be donated to the David Suzuki Foundation. For more information on the DSF, visit
Performers include:
Of Tall Tales
The White Feather Project
Trio Fantastique

Monday, April 20th – Jared Brown Band, Echoes the Lion, The Whales - $7.00 at the door …DOORS 8:00PM
It's 4/20, and we've got a smokin' lineup for ya ;)
Jared Brown Band
Fuzzy, discordant guitar rock from Springhill Nova Scotia. For fans of Shotgun Jimmie and Sonic Youth
Echoes the Lion
Local anthemic rock band. Big hooks, big sound, big boys.
The Whales
Partly local, partly from Orangeville. When you remove the L from partly, it spells PARTY, which the whales will make you want to do. Their sunny jams will make you think of summer, which is just around the corner.

Thursday, April 23rd – Locals Night - $7.00 at the door

Therapists - Wild, untamed, lecherous music. Therapists are sitting in a tree looking into your window with binoculars, watching your mom change.
Obsidian - Grunge/Stoner rock. Alice in Chains meets Om
The Métis - Blues rock meets post-hardcore. Sounds kinda like Refused.

Friday, April 24th - My Son the Hurricane - $10 at the door

My Son The Hurricane is a band that you need to see to believe. 2012 saw the band featured on CBCRadioOne & MuchMoreMusic. Their 2013 EP, “Cashing a Dead Man's Cheque" finds the 14 piece band pushing the limits of their sound, a mixture of brass, hip-hop and heavy metal. The album features U.S.S.(Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker) frontman Ash Boo-Schultz and 3 time Juno/Polaris nominee D-Sisive.  2015 has the band returning with a new album and new energy.
Sat. April 25 – Zaum, Jealousy Mountain Duo, Magic Pelvis, Horselung - $7.00 at the door
A night of experimental and psychedelic music
Zaum - Heavy sludge from Moncton. If you like Sleep, you'll like Zaum. Get ready to bathe in sound.
Jealousy Mountain Duo - Powerful 2-piece making heavy experimental music that has to be seen to be understood. This band's sonic onslaught is strangely moving and they perform their music with a gripping, savage intensity.
Magic Pelvis - We're so lucky to have Magic Pelvis back in the scene bringing back the weird. Apart from being some of the most fun guys to hang out with in the world, Shane Marty and Kyle craft some weirdo music that is mind-bending yet catchy.
Horse Lung - Monolithic riffs. Some of the best hair in Sudbury. Horse lung will put you in a trance. Maybe they'll have their new 7" ready!

Sun. April 26th – Soda Pony, Dunes, Telecolor - An early all-ages/licensed show starting at 6PM! $10 at the door.
Soda Pony

Seriously catchy tunes about astronauts, Archie comics, friends, and various other unconventional subjects. Don't let their laissez-faire demeanour fool you though, this 2-piece is seriously gifted. They share vocals duties, Drummer Patrick Hamilton plays bass synth and drums at the same time, and Aiden Tentrees alternates between organ and guitar. This band is just the right mix of ragged rock and roll charm and pristine pop hooks. Just watch this video and try not to fall in love with these fellas:
DUNES - Hot off selling out their first run of tapes on the brand new BRAIN TAPE label, DUNES have been steadily growing their following locally by being some of the most charming, smart-assed teenagers in town and refining their sound. It's grimy, catchy pop rock with a theatrical flair.
Telecolor - These kids have some serious chops. Their sound builds on the post-rock foundation set by bands like Radiohead and Sigur Ros.

Tue. April 28 – Motherfuckers, Yacht Patrol, The Twentiest - $7.00 at the door – 8:00pm       It's a punk show!

Motherfuckers - These Calgary punks are old and pissed off. Their songs are short and furious and they're here to drink beer and rip. They didn't call their band Motherfuckers for nothing.
Yacht Patrol - A mix of veteran members of the local music scene and young-uns, Yacht Patrol has the 80s hardcore sound nailed. They're intense and tight, and blisteringly fast and they have an album coming out soon.
The Twentiest - Paul's favourite new band on the scene. A band of longtime Sudbury music scene mainstays, their music falls more on the melodic side of the hardcore punk spectrum. -

Wed. April 29 – BIIPIIGWAN, Bad Policy, Dead Friends - $7.00 at the door – 8:00pm

Plodding, massive and unstoppable, BIIPIIGWAN sound like an ancient vengeful spirit that has emerged from the core of the earth. That spirit then took corporeal form as a giant monster and is destroying buildings and crushing those who oppose it underfoot.
Bad Policy - A punk band so fast it has to be seen to be believed. Sweaty good times, and tunes performed with a barrelling, snotty intensity. Apparently they've got some new tunes coming out soon!
Dead Friends - Riffy tunes with hardcore vocals. Most of the guys who were in Killing Queens are in this band. Killing Queens ruled and so do these guys.

Thurs. April 30th - The Lazys, Weatherly, On Tap - $7.00 at the door – 10pm

These Aussie rockers sound like AC/DC with the sleaze meter turned up to 11. If you like hair, rock & roll and booze, you'll love the Lazys
Weatherly - The reconstituted Weatherly is back in action with a brand new, more muscular sound reminiscent of Thursday, Taking Back Sunday, or the Used. It's the soundtrack of your youth being played back in real time.
On Tap - Meat and Potatoes rock and roll about drinking beer with your friends, fucking around, and fucking. -

Fri. May 1 - Isobel Trigger, Summering, McLean - $7.00 at the door

Synth pop all the way from Victoria. The closest thing to top 40 you'll find on the Townehouse stage outside of Guilty Pleasures night. This is what it would sound like if Ariana Grande fronted a rock band. -
SUMMERING - Hazy, shimmering rock music perfect for cruising down the trans canada on your way to your favourite summer music festival or to soundtrack the aftermath of the last party of the summer before everyone leaves to go away to university. Lucky you, you get to hear it before the summer starts! -
McLean - Simon Jutras moved away to Montreal a while back, but he comes back now and then. Whispery, dreamy, moody french pop music. -

Friday, May 8th - The Pink Floyd Night