This is the Monthly calendar for The Townehouse Tavern, Sudbury's long time venerable home of live music. Can we sum it up? We love to present Rock, Indie Rock, Punk, Heavy, Soul, Jazz, Blues, World, Folk, Bluegrass and more. It's got to be something interesting and we'll try and present it. We do full bands mostly on the weekends and mostly solo acoustic acts during the week. We were the starting point for hundreds of bands since 1991... from The Tea Party to Nickelback... the Hopping Penguins, Bourbon Tabernacle Choir... to Born Ruffians, Yukon Blonde... Those who might be the biggest music stars of tomorrow, might be playing here tonight.


Our kitchen cranks out the finest Burgers in the north. Made from local, fresh, never frozen, steroid free ground beef, our Burgers are hand made fresh every day. We are proud to use local potatoes for our handcut Fries, along with any other items on our menu that can be sourced locally. We have the best hand made Veggie Burger around... The Beet and Hemp Burger... hearty salads... soul satisfying appetizers ... mmm... Deep Fried Oreos... We love to cook from when we open at 11:00am (12:00pm Sundays) until 2:00am each day.


We love to entertain groups for everyday and special events... Business, Family or Friends. We love to help out community organizations with Fundraisers. We love to provide great entertainment and food in a safe environment. We love families but we do ask for Age of Majority after 9:00pm. We love Craft Beer and fine libations but if you look under 25, we need to see your ID when you order, and we do ask that if you do consume alcohol, please drink responsibly.

For Catering Information... contact Alanna Negusanti

For Reservations... call the restaurant at 705.674.6883

For Band Booking, Special Events information... contact Paul Loewenberg












Every Thursday 5:30pm to 8:00pm
By the time Thursday rolls around... most folk are ready to roll off the week... Music at Sundown is a great chance for you to kick the weekend into gear and finish your week on a positive note. Great dinner, Great music. 5:30pm to 8:00pm. No Cover.


April 7th - Richard Foers - Richard sings a lot of 60's and 70's favourites from rock and roll and the teen idols.

April 14th - Ryan Harris -

April 21st - Eric Clancy - We finally bring this golden voice to our dinner shows. Eric sings somewhere in the golden range of City and Colour to Neil Young. He picks a few classics to sing from the great writers like Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, plus he does a bunch of his own catchy tunes. Come discover this vastly underappreciated artist...

April 28th - Marc and Dan -


After a busy week, there is nothing better for the soul than to sing with friends... join us for the Bluegrass and Gospel Brunch from 2-5pm each Sunday. We'll sing old timey songs, songs of freedom, old blues, country heartbreakers, maybe a few boozers... songs of joy, songs of redemption. Make your life one full of song. We started the new season on January 3rd and should continue through most Sundays until the summer. There will be a few holidays and such that we can't come out, but stay tuned to our Facebook page and we'll try to keep you up to date.

Bring your parents, bring your kids, bring your instruments... Keep your Sundays swinging.


As of May 1st, the patios are allowed to roll out along the sidewalks of the city.  Please… as it began in 2015, NO Smoking is allowed on the patio this year.  This means you CANNOT take your beer with you to smoke.  Those days are over.  We’ll find a system that is easy and you won’t even notice that things have changed. In the meantime, please refrain from smoking at the entrance to the patio.  You’ll have to walk a few steps down the street.  And let’s be clear on one thing… you can’t stand outside the patio, reach in and have a swig of your drink.  No climbing the fences… in or out.


As of October 15th, Sidewalk patios disappear for the season. This means you do NOT take your beverage with you to go outside. Of course, if you are at the Laughing Buddha you may still take your beverage out on the Buddha Patios since they are on premise, but you still can't smoke out there... These are the rules.

The April Events

And so we speed into April.  Lots on the horizon for this new day.  Daily delivery starts soon for the restaurant and the Buddha.  You will be able to order a pizza and a couple burgers and have it delivered by the same delivery person and paid with Cash at the door or online on your Credit Card..  Check out the winter deals for food and such… check out the announcements for upcoming concerts because this is where it all starts to come together.  We spend the holidays celebrating, January recovering and then the music business in Canada starts to get back into gear in February…  it ramps up another notch in March as the winter wanes.  Hundreds of artists cross the country to Canadian Music Week in Toronto in May when the snow is gone, then June for NXNE and then all summer for festivals season and prime driving weather.
Tickets will go on sale for many events that are happening and will usually be available online through Eventbrite.com and on site here at The Townehouse.  You will see tickets soon enough for …

Paul Collins Beat – April 4th - Tickets on Sale Feb 10th

Sloan – One Chord to Another tour – April 6th - Press announce, Feb 10th - Tickets on Sale Feb 12th.

Repartee - May 19th

Whiskey River Bluesfest – July 15, 16th

Elgin Street Craft Beer Festival – August 5, 6th

The Townehouse Tavern is your host of great live music everyday.  So far we are working nine gigs a week when you factor 7 nights of players, Thursday dinners and Sunday Bluegrass Brunch.  We have been your host of live music for 25 years!! That’s right, 1991, the year that the underground scene became mainstream… That’s the ground floor that The Townehouse was on.  We beat the release of Nirvana Nevermind by 5 months.  That was the year that everything changed for music.  Post punk, alternative rock, roots rock, everything came one step closer to mass culture.  In the next years, as the Internet circled the globe and the information superhighway went from 2 lanes to 16, music went along for the ride.  Everyone with a computer could become a collector and gather an encyclopedic knowledge of music history without having to spend hours flipping through dusty bins in stores across the country.

The newer evolution of The Townehouse is that we are also the favourite Burger joint in the north.  We use only fresh local ground beef for our Burgers.  For Vegetarians we have excellent Roasted Portobello Burgers and our hand made Beet and Hemp Burgers.  All of our signature burgers come with a generous portion of local, fresh cut French Fries with a choice of home made dipping sauce, or a hearty salad.  Over the next couple weeks we are rolling out some new configurations such as a Sunday Slider Platter special and a platter of delicious appetizers Special one night a week… A Tuesday night Date Night special.  All of this is in addition to our daily special of Domestic bottled beer from 4pm-7pm and FREE POOL everyday from noon to 7pm.

Spring is coming... you just have to believe it.

Friday, April 1st - La Nuit Emergent - $10 at the door or FREE with your La Nuit badge/ wristband/ lanyard.

DANS L'SHED (Folk bluegrass duo form Quebec)

NORM (LANORME - Releasing new album that night I believe)

LES HÔTESSES D'HILAIRE (5 piece rock blues band from Moncton, these guys are insane..sooo good)

Saturday, April 2nd - The Whiskey River Blues Band - $7.00 at the door

celebrating to life of Muddy Waters... McKinley Morganfield wrote many of the great Blues and R&B songs of all time.

Monday, April 4th – Paul Collins’ Beat, w/ Dany Laj & the Looks – Tickets are $15.00 – Doors at 8:00pm

This is going to be an awesome night in Rock history!! Paul Collins formed The Beat in 1979 in Los Angeles. He was in the seminal American Power Pop band, The Nerves (see single – Hanging on the Telephone). Formed in 1976, The Nerves were on the front edge of the Punk revolution about to swallow the world. Check out the official bio info and get ready to buy your tickets…

Paul Collins formed The Beat in 1979, recruiting members of various rock bands including Steven Huff, Larry Whitman and Michael Ruiz. The result was The Beat, a high energy rock group in the style of The Ramones, Blondie and The Dictators. As the story goes, Collins was awarded a record deal with CBS thanks to his friend Eddie Money and Bill Graham Management. The Beat toured extensively with top acts like The Jam, Pere Ubu, The Police, Eddie Money, The Plimsouls and Huey Lewis. The Beat became Paul Collins’ Beat when a ska band from UK began using The Beat as their moniker.
Paul Collins’ Beat continued to tour and record albums throughout the ’80s, with The Kids Are The Same, Beat Or Not To Beat, Long Time Gone, Live At Universal and their final album One Night, released in 1989. Paul Collins set out on a solo career, recording the self-titled Paul Collins album in 1992. This country/rock album included special guests such as Greg Kihn, Cyril Jordan (from Flamin Groovies), Jeff Trott (Sheryl Crow), Chuck Prophet, Dave Immergluck (Counting Crows) and key members of Chris Isaak’s band.

After a ten year hiatus The Paul Collins’ Beat resurfaced and released a string of new records. Flying High 2004, Ribbon of Gold 2007 and the latest King of Power Pop recorded with the legendary Jim Diamond in Detroit. Considered to be his best to date, the album gets back to the classic sound of The Beat, while combining the raw energy of Collins’ solo works.

“For me this is the record that connects the dots, from The Nerves to The Breakaways to The Beat to today… this is the record that puts it all together!”- Paul Collins

With the release of King of Power Pop, Paul set up The Beat Army an online Facebook community of people connected by their love of power pop, melodic guitar driven rock n roll. Now some 3000 members strong, Paul books shows all over the United States, Canada and Europe. “This is a model for the new DIY,” says Paul, “I am touring all over the world with new bands that feature the sound I helped to invent.”

Wednesday, April 6th – Sloan… A special presentation… Tickets $25.00. 20th Anniversary of One Chord to Another. Presented by The Townehouse Tavern and Beau’s Brewing. Doors at 8:00pm. Click here to BUY TICKETS NOW.

This special evening with Sloan will feature the legendary Canadian rock and roll band in the intimate setting of The Townehouse Tavern. They will play the fan-favourite, One Chord to Another album in it’s entirety, then take a short break and come back to play another set of all of their hits and favourites. This show will sell out fast and in advance, so don’t miss out on the tickets. They go on sale on line and in the bar on Friday, February 12th at noon. There will be tickets in both locations so if you want a physical ticket, you better make some lunch plans and spend some time with us on Friday!!

Going beyond April, we will have several special presentations this year as we celebrate 25 years of the Indie Rock/ Alternative Nation with The Townehouse Tavern. We were there on the ground floor in 1991, Starting with The Corndogs, King Apparatus, The Hopping Penguins, The Bourbon Tabernacle Choir and The Look People. It was the year that the first Lollapalooza happened and then in the fall the music industry was bombarded with Nirvana and Pearl Jam. The indie/ underground scene gathered together… punks, goths, bangers, rockers, hiphop, industrial, shoegazer rock… it all came together and gave a home to all the misfits from our society. Before you knew it, the Townehouse wasn’t just a place for the underground… the Underground became the dominant culture of our community and everything changed in our wake. It’s when Sudbury started to grow up and become the artistic and cultural place that it is today. It all started here at the corner of Elgin and Grey Street 25 years ago and we’re going to spend a good part of 2016 remembering the road we took to get here.

Friday, April 8th - Hugh Jazz - $7.00 at the door

A spendid night of swing, gypsy jazz and the best pop songs from the American Songbook. The amazing sounds of live gypsy jazz will transport you to the romantic period of the early 20th century.

HUGH JAZZ performs live gypsy jazz in the Paris "LE JAZZ HOT" style playing jazz standards made famous by artists such as Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli.

Relive the golden period of jazz through the post-prohibition era deftly executed by:

J.P. Gignac - Fiddle, Percussion, Jigs and Reels
Eric Plangger - Guitar
Christopher Dardick - Drums

HUGH JAZZ also features vocalist Will Himsl.

Will brings many years of Sinatraesque swing and latin jazz experience to the band covering everything from Fly me to the Moon to killer classics from Stevie Wonder. Not to be missed!

Saturday, April 9th - Supertoke! - $7.00 at the door

This was originally slated to be a Pistol George Warren evening. Getting the whole band together seemed to be a little tougher than initially thought... so the PGW spinoff band... Supertoke is taking the night in place. They are an intense instrumental trio that likes to play it dirty and riff as dirty as a hobo's shoe soles.


obtuse music for anxious ppl
tape release show! come grip!

Sharp edged dance music
BB's takin' off let's send him off right!

Thursday, April 14th - we were trying to schedule the return of Yonatan Gat, but the band has changed their route... we are now working on having them return in July!! Watch for the news!!

Watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P0Dx4pCOYGc

Friday, April 15th - Murder Murder, Low Animal - $10.00 at the door - Vinyl Release!! Details to Be Announced.

Survivors. Murder Murder is not just a band of good songs, a performance of talent and musical prowess... it is perserverence. They have already hit a US showcase in 2016 and are about to depart for Europe, before they spend the rest of the summer on the road across Canada. Fully charged and recovered from the van accident last November, Murder Murder is ready to keep climbing. A little about them... in case you just moved to Canada, or have been buried under books in your study for the last three years... (hey, it happens)...

Murder Murder is a Bloodgrass band (Bluegrass + Outlaw Country + Exclusively Murder Ballads) hailing from the frozen forests of the Ontario Northland. Their tales of death are filled with life by the kick of the suitcase, saw of the fiddle, and roll of the banjo.

As devoted fans of bluegrass, traditional music, and folk music, we were drawn to the murky ethical themes of the murder ballad form and to its enduring nature. Many of the earliest examples are the sole surviving records of victims of violent crimes. Oftentimes murder ballads capture the essence and atmosphere of a dark, lawless and violent frontier. Northern Ontario, although never romanticized in the way that the Wild West or the far north during the gold rush era were, was once such a place - with a wealth of stories and characters. The lack of mythology associated with Northern Ontario is troubling, and thus we felt it our responsibility to create our own mythology.

Saturday, April 16th - Jonathon Becker and the Northfields, Sunday, Jaz Paradis - $7.00 at the door - 10pm

Some Autobiographical material from this Ottawa Rocker... Think shades of Constantines, Jawbreaker, Springsteen... after several moves about canada and the usa as a child i settled in ottawa as my hometown. i have lived here for over a decade and am quite fond of what tends to be an overlooked city - likely because of its parliament, federal workers, and quaint neighborhoods. as a city it hosts some beautiful greenspace, history, and rich multiculturalism.

most of my adolescent years were nurtured by the local punk rock communities. i have played with varying styles and peers and have been lucky enough to travel and play in different cities. there is a lot of segregation in race and class even hours down from the border that are hard for us to visualize in our own city; despite how non-progressive we may sometimes feel in a town dominated by the federal government, travelling may necessitate the need for voice to those that consider protest or equality a march of the past.

the songs i play now have evolved from playing instruments alone and with peers over the past several years of my life. the words are where i have been and the things we can see.


Wednesday, April 20th - The Solids, The Birthday Cakes, Mick Futures, Yacht Patrol- $10.00 at the door - 6:00pm - All Ages

It's a 4/20 all-ages/licensed show at the Townehouse featuring noisy powerpop, experimental rock, hardcore, and post-punk.

Blistering powerpop 2-piece from Montreal. Massive anthems. Prepare your ears for a much-needed bloodletting

Yacht Patrol
Fast & furious hardcore

Mick Futures
Post-punk as filtered through a Houlebrain. Mitch is so humble you'd never guess how big a deal it is that they're signed to Telephone Explosion.

The Birthday Cakes
The wildest trip.

Friday, April 22nd - Bandit - $7.00 at the door - 10pm

Every once in a while, Ryan gets to come out with a bunch of friends and not have an agenda... not have an album to play, or a style of music like when he comes out for The Northern Memphis Revival or The Beatles Night, or The Kinks Night, or Exile on Elgin Street... or his own music, or as a sideman for songwriters like Kate Maki or OX. Every once in a while, Ryan just gets a few friends together and they play the music that makes them the most happy. What will it be? I've said this for years... sometimes you just have to come out and see what he has got up his sleeve.

Saturday, April 23rd - Moon King, Night Terrors, Sea Perry, Pixo Control- $7.00 at the door for River and Sky Members/ $10 for non members.

It's the Night Terrors vinyl release party, co-presented by Steam Whistle Brewing and River & Sky! It's a night of post-rock, pop, and rock n roll.

R&S membership link: https://riversky2016membership.eventbrite.ca/

This is going to be a wild bill for the evening... really bringing together a lot of people from different scenes... In 2013, Moon King, made up of songwriter Daniel Benjamin and singer/guitarist Maddy Wilde, played over 100 shows to support a pair of EPs, Obsession I and II, which were released on Fucked Up's One Big Silence label in North America and Tough Love in UK/Europe, and immediately garnered attention from Pitchfork, Spin, NME, Dazed, Noisey and other tastemakers. After a year spent on the road, it was obvious they should capture the energy of their live show while it was still fresh. Following a performance at Iceland Airwaves, Daniel & Maddy relocated to a cottage in northern Ontario to record the album with a group of Toronto music scene luminaries, all of whom had played in various incarnations of the live band.

Most of the tracks on the album were recorded live off the floor, with little except the vocals added, put to tape by live sound engineer Noah Giffin (Owen Pallett, Austra, Diana). Though only five days of recording were booked, an ice storm prevented them from leaving, resulting in an extra couple of days work. The record was then mixed in New York with Jacob Portrait of Unknown Mortal Orchestra/Blouse.

The album's production is more nuanced than the wall-of-sound approach of the EPs, stripping back layers of effects to reveal the vocals. Daniel's lyrics focus on catharsis and the weight of emotional trauma, as well as dealing with the self-doubt that stands in the way of recovery. "It's impossible / you've been run through with fear / love's a landfill / just another burning spear" and the ultimatum at the climax of "Golden Age" - "all I want is to be wanted" display a kind of honest and tangible fear rarely heard in pop music. Frequent show-opener "Apocalypse" begins with the confession "somehow I feel no release when I'm alone with anyone else / somehow I fall to pieces when I wake up to nothing where you should be" and builds intensity and speed until overflowing in a rush of noise, an oddly structured pop song with no repeating sections.

There is a deep sense of loss, and longing in these songs. Moon King channel desperation and project it outwards, each song carrying with it both a weight and a sense of urgency.??

Sunday, April 24th - Slow Leaves w/ Sam Cassio - $5.00 at the door


Slow Leaves is the project of Winnipeg's Grant Davidson. After leaving his job in 2012 to pursue working full-time on music, Davidson released Beauty is so Common in 2014 which reached #1 on the !earshot National Folk/Roots/Blues chart and was a CBC radio 2 favourite where his song “Life of a Better Man” made the top 20 chart. His music has also been featured on CBC's Definitely Not The Opera, The Vinyl Cafe, and The Next Chapter. Slow Leaves garnered further attention in 2015 for his selection in the Allan Slaight JUNO Master Class by a jury of high-profile industry personnel for his sincere, poetic lyrics, lilting melodies and songs full of heart and Canadian humility. Slow Leaves is currently working on a new record set for release in fall of 2016.

Friday, April 29th - Carden Cove, Royal Tusk - $7.00 at the door









A thing or two about Carden Cove... Spencer, Zach, Kris and Barry get ready to play their first Townehouse show in ages... "These Northern Ontario folk-rockers recently became a personal favorite of mine after listening to the debut LP Grown Slow, dynamically-charged songcraft that evokes some of the genre’s iconic best, such as Jeff Tweedy(Wilco) and Ryan Adams (Whiskeytown) – embodying an impassioned intensity that can shift gears effortlessly between punk-rock fury, alt-rock melancholy, and roots-based rock and roll that delivers a hearty punch to the mainstream jugular. The album has been sitting firmly in the Top 10 on Campus Radio album charts, and title-track Grown Slow is the kind of single you’d expect to hear blasting over a lot more airwaves, but here’s hoping there are some music festival appearances in the works.?"


You can't stop a mammoth.

Forged from rock ‘n’ roll soul, blue-collar charm and a renegade attitude, it’s no surprise this quintet of bearded prairie men made a lasting impression with audiences on their well-received 2014 EP, Mountain. Royal Tusk‘s full-length debut, DealBreaker out May 6, 2016 via MapleMusic Recordings, embraces a dynamic evolution in the band’s sound. Produced by the award-winning Eric Ratz (Big Wreck, Monster Truck, Arkells, Billy Talent), DealBreaker captures the true raw energy Royal Tusk wield, and the result is loud and guitar-driven with hints of Americana and soul.

Lead vocalist and guitarist Daniel Carriere says: “We’ve always been a guitar-driven band, but Mountain focused on highlighting our pop songwriting. For DealBreaker, we wanted to maintain that songwriting integrity, but make an old-fashioned heavy-guitar record.” After touring with Royal Tusk, Ian Thornley of Big Wreck was so impressed he lent his venerable guitar skills to DealBreaker with a massive solo on “So Long The Build Up”.

"These are really great guys, in a really great band. It was an absolute pleasure to play on their record." - Ian Thornley

DealBreaker is best listened to in its entirety. Though there’s a broad spectrum of songs, they’ll each draw you in. Whether it's the raw energy of "Curse the Weather," the anthemic sing-along choruses of "Soon," or the authentic heartfelt songwriting in "Not So Fast," there's a track on the record that feels like it's there just for you. The album opens with the bombastic "Dynamo," and the first half of DealBreaker flies by in a gritty fury, finishing off with "Cold On Me," a groovy tune which features a four minute off-the-floor jam reminiscent of Deep Purple. The second half opens with Royal Tusk’s lead single "Fever," a jubilant yet desperate song of a love-lost sleepwalker, searching for clarity. Only after the last note disintegrates you realize what a journey DealBreaker is.

Royal Tusk was born with a shared love for the craft of music, and a natural chemistry that manifests itself in the band’s songs and in its fiery live performances. Carriere and Sandy MacKinnon (bass) spent 12 years in beloved JUNO-nominated Edmonton band, Ten Second Epic and knew they weren’t done making great music. They rounded up Quinn Cyrankiewicz (guitar), Calen Stuckel (drums) and Mike James (keyboard/guitars) for a jam session, and just 10 months later the band headed to New York to record Mountain with Gus Van Go (Hollerado, Whitehorse, The Stills). “Shadow of Love” and "Smoke Rings" were breakout tracks off Mountain and both saw significant radio-play. These singles helped earn Royal Tusk a 2015 SIRIUSXM Emerging Artist of the Year nomination, an “artist of the month" nod from Sonic 102.9, and a short-list spot for CBC’s 2014 Rising Star Award.

After touring extensively and sharing the stage with artists including Big Wreck, Dear Rouge and Metric, Royal Tusk has spent the past year writing, embracing growth in its sound and songwriting. It’s no doubt that with DealBreaker you can expect a louder, more confident and longer-haired Royal Tusk.

Saturday, April 30th - The Human Rights - $10.00 at the door

The Human Rights are:

Friendlyness: Chant
Tréson: Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar
Bernie Pitters: Keyboards
Eric Woolston: Drums
Tyler Wagler: Bass
Graham Campbell: Pick Guitar
James Taylor: Lead Guitar
Ben Macdonald: Tenor Sax
Patrick McGroarty: Trumpet
Tom Richards: Trombone

Since they came together in 2008, The Human Rights have built a reputation as one of Canada's top reggae bands -- specializing in original, high-energy, modern roots reggae with a mix of jazz, funk and R&B influences. “The Rights” are fronted by Friendlyness (Culture Shock, Big Sugar) and Juno nominee Tréson on lead vocals; and feature a blazing 3-piece horn section, two stellar guitar players, and a rock steady riddim section, topped off by legendary reggae keyboardist Bernie Pitters (Toots and the Maytals, Hit Squad, Leroy Brown, Sly & Robbie) on the one drop.


Friday, May 6th - Scenic Route to Alaska - $7.00 at the door

Saturday, May 7th - Chuck Jackson of the legendary Downchild with Tom Fyfe and the Whiskey River Blues Band - $10.00 tickets available.

Thursday, May 19th - Repartee - $10.00 at the door - line-up to be announced soon!!

Thursday, June 2nd - The Pack AD, Greylands - $12 advance/ $15 door - Tickets on Sale Soon.

Friday, June 24th - The 24th Street Wailers - $10.00 at the door