January is deep freeze time.  It’s also time to experiment with food.  It’s time for a few new bands to show us their stuff.  It’s time for winter survival.  Check out our Seasonal Winter beers from Stack Brewing, Muskoka Brewing, Beau’s Brewing.  Yes, that’s right, after a bunch of years of driving south or east to buy a van load of Beau’s, they are now delivering direct to us and we couldn’t be happier.  Stack puts out a new blockbuster beer every season as part of their ‘Refinery’ series… we’ll try to stock them all as they are available. Of course, preparations start now for Summer festival time… so we’ll be looking for new Craft Brewers to partner with, more bands to play… In the meantime, we remain your humble presenters of the finest music we can find and the best Burgers you’ve ever had.


By the time Thursday rolls around... most folk are ready to roll off the week... Music at Sundown is a great chance for you to kick the weekend into gear and finish your week on a positive note. Great dinner, Great music.

Thursday, January 8th – Lori and Jesse – The front of Sulfur City take an evening to play some stripped down blues and soul songs.

Thursday Slider Special!!! Jerk Chicken Sliders! Spicy and juicy bits of Chicken Breast. Check in on us as January and February is winter cooking experiments... Come for lunch... Come for Dinner and enjoy the Sliders with our Thursday Dinner concert series...
Thursday, January 15th – Jennifer Holub - she's a character on and off the stage... heartfelt songs and a few covers for music lovers.
Thursday, January 22nd - Raspberry Man - Pierre Laframboise has been playing stages for many years in the midst of drum building, carpentry and other pursuits. A smooth voice with lots of songs about food and other great things in life.
Thursday, January 29th – Marc Savard and Dan Bedard return to take the stage. Soulful Blues, Funky R&B.

The Townehouse has been your proud host of live music in this city for 27 years. You have seen all the greats here... The Bourbon Tabernacle Choir, Dread Zeppelin, The Hopping Penguins, Me, Mom and Morgantaler, King Apparatus, The Tea Party, Our Lady Peace, DOA, NoMeansNo, SNFU, the Dayglo Abortions, Nickelback, Len, Bedouin Soundclash, Thrush Hermit, The Weakerthans, Plumtree, Joel Plaskett, Sloan, The Headstones, The Sheepdogs, Monster Truck, The Constantines, Cuff the Duke, Yukon Blonde and many hundreds more

Thursday, January 8th - Therapists, Obsidian, Archelon, Horse Lung - $7.00 at the door

Four of the city's newer post rock bands. It's not metal, it's not sludge, it's not prog... it's heavy... it's good. It's your friends and they want to rock your head off on a cold Thursday in January. How could you even think about staying home.

Friday, January 9th - Bison Billy & the Frosty Saddle Horns - $7.00 at the door

Last January, we had a spectacular night with Billy Aulenbach and a ton of musical friends. So this January, Friday the 9th... we aim to give a Wrath of Khan style sequel to the original Bison Billy night. In the summertime you may know us as Bison Billy and the Rodeo Clowns... but it's January and we are staring down 3 more months of winter... so let's go with Bison Billy and the Frozen Saddle Horns and have a great time. There will be old bluegrass tunes... probably rip a couple blues songs... campfire favourites... maybe even an old Irish tune here and there... it's a dancing kind of shindig with all of your musical friends.
Raspberry Man
Marc Donato
Paul Loewenberg
Richard Mende
Vic Theriault
Kevin SatanClaws Morgan
Jean-Paul Gignac
Ryan Levecque

and Matt Foy... we'll add more names as everyone chimes in... in the meantime, have a happy holidaze... invite your friends to this post Xmas celebration of Winter.

Saturday, January 10th - The Gabes - $7.00 at the door

Don Kunto, Ben Wardo, and Joey Fiorino shake up the stage for an evening. It's a dead of winter shake up with The Gabes as they take us through a night of great party rock and roll. There will be some Motown soul, one or two Reggae favourites, great rock and roll and anything else that hits Don's imagination.

Thursday, January 15th – Open Stage - $5.00 at the door

Get your new songs together.  Get your new singing partner out.  If that song you wrote in the basement is ready for a stage… then bring it out!  New faces and veterans.  New songs and experiments.  A few favourites.  Contact to save your spot on the open stage.

Friday, January 16th – Eleven : Elevens, more tba - $7.00 at the door

This will be the bands first full gig at the Townehouse.  Singer Colin has had a few turns on our stage and now this band takes the evening.  Sudbury’s Alternative/ Hard Rock scene has always been strong.

Saturday, January 17th – On Tap, Chasing Jane, The Twentiest - $7.00 at the door

A great triple header of two of Sudbury’s high energy rock bands along with Chasing Jane from Toronto.  Find the page on facebook here… This is the first appearance for The Twentiest at The Townehouse, although Jaye has been in several bands over the years that have provided a lot of great music on our stage.
On Tap has been playing in the music scene for 5 years doing the local pubs and private venues, as well as random appearances on stages near you. A new line-up of members, which has been together since January 2012, has only solidified the band and brought a refined sound to the table, making this rock and roll raw and raunchy.

Thursday, January 22nd – Cage Call - $5.00 at the door

Without the DJ there would be no hip-hop. DJ Kool Herc pioneered the genre by isolating the hottest parts of funk tracks for the b-boys to dance to: the breakbeat. Later came the MC, and the evolution of the genre.

For this event, we salute the DJs who are holdin' it down with true skills, in the spirit of the great pioneers of the genre. These aren't just DJs spinnin' tunes, these are performers ROCKIN' it live. Turntablists scratching, mixing, juggling, you name it. No sucker DJs allowed.

Sudbury's hardest working DJ, spinning all genres of music with a love for turntablism. Trapment was the 2012 Toronto DMC turntable champ, and placed third at the Canadian DMC finals. You'll instantly know why. Trapment is a MONSTER whether doing a routine or just dropping beats.

A furious up-and-comer with undeniable energy. You may have seen him playing the part of DJ Hurricane/Mix Master Mike at the last Beastie Boys night. Many styles. Beats for days.

A lover of many styles including jungle and drum n' bass, but this night is all about his love for hip-hop. Skilled as a beat maker and a beat dropper, Johnny makes his Townehouse debut. He'll help you achieve musical zen, straight up.

- Crypt - Smooth Sudbury hip-hop infused with a hard hitting set, guaranteed to make an impact. Originally from Manitoulin Island, bringing a new sound.
- Advercity aka Citty - 705 rhyme spitter, performing some brand new material
- Silvertongue. - Cage Call alumni and Sudbury's rap weirdo.
- Michael Fraser O'Brien of KILL The Autocrat - Cage call alumni and rebel rhyme spitter.


A #CageCall Cage Call: Underground Hip-Hop event.
There will be prizes, hip-hop trivia, and more!
Cheap drinks, best live music, and best burgers in town,
$5 at the door. 100% of proceeds support local artists.

Friday, January 23rd – Working Out The Kinks - $7.00 at the door

Ryan Levecque has finally done it.  We have been talking about doing a Kinks night for a lot of years.  Between the many circles of musicians at the Townehouse this is one of the few bits of sacred ground that has not been covered yet.  We’ve done Marley and Tosh, Beatles and The Stones, David Bowie, Prince… The Who and The Velvet Underground…  Neil Young, Bob Dylan… you name it, we’ve tried it.
            For Ryan’s birthday this year we are taking on the music of Ray and Dave Davies… From You Really Got Me to Waterloo Sunset, they shaped the sixties UK Scene… From Lola and Powerman through the 70’s they conquered America.  They continued into the 80’s with Come Dancing and more hits, outlasting all of the original British Invasion bands.  We love Kinks.  We will apply our love to as many of their songs tonight as is possible.  There are a bunch of musicians coming out to work on this so we might even see 2 line-ups and mixes of both… But you will be sure to see… Ryan Levecque, Dan Levecque, Paul Loewenberg, Zach Lamothe, Matt Foy, Pepper and probably more.

Saturday, January 24th – The Almighty Rhombus, Hello Holiday, The Apettes - $7.00 at the door

THE ALMIGHTY RHOMBUS are available to chaperone your next junior-high dance (hands above the waist, mister!), curate your art exhibit, babysit your twins, or to hold the exit door open to sneak you into a movie for free. They will also play pretty much any show if there's free pizza.
Here is our 6-step plan for world domination in 2014:
1. Get Sponsored by Arizona Iced Tea
2. Buy a $20,000 bass guitar
3. Get buff, tanned and styled OUT
4. Write the ultimate rock song and win the battle of the bands
5. Steal Jenny away from that dingus Brad
6. Catch the ultimate wave
Stream everything THE ALMIGHTY RHOMBUS has ever recorded here FOR FREE, and if you dig it, you can buy it from our bandcamp page. (
            The Apettes took a little break to participate in cloning experiments… With the new musical prodigy raising up just fine, it’s time to roll out The Apettes once again and conquer garages, basements and parties all across this land.  Amazing rock and roll.
            The idea for Hello Holiday’s debut album was conceived in Montreal and inspired by the growing pains of dealing with change away from home. Front-man, Jeff Valentini, documented his personal, yet relative experiences over the course of a few years while living in Montreal.  Having grown home-sick over the past 5 years, he decided it was time to return to Sudbury.
Enlisting the help of local musicians Emmett Patrick (Coast Redwood), Jason Hebert (Aviator/Rabbit Transit/Calendars) and Matt Quesnel (Calendars/Rabbit Transit), the band is now taking “Nightmares and Fairy Tales” to the stage in promotion of the album launch, which will be held this fall in Sudbury and Montreal.

Sunday, January 25th - all day - Pool Tournament - Inquire at the bar about signing up for our pool tourney. We will hold a few through the winter... it's a great time to get to know some other players and have a nice warm Sunday with music, friends and good food and hospitality.

Friday, January 30th – Murder Murder, Suicide Drifters, Housewives of Kagawong - $7.00 at the door.

Murder Murder is getting ready to set sail upon the tundra for another tour.  This is a farewell for the month while they head east and back again.  Get their first album for those cold days in between when you have no songs of heartbreak and betrayal in your life.  You can also catch them on CBC radio and with a new video on their page, YouTube, etc.  Bloodgrass it is… and the finest in the land.
            Suicide Drifters call themselves an Olunkabilly Band… Music inspired by the rockabilly of the 50’s, the garage rock of the 60’s and the energy of the punk era.  Slicked back hair… doghouse bass… scorching guitar… swagger like Elvis, snarl like Joe Strummer.
            Housewives of Kagawong bring together two unique voices and any amount of instrumentation from 2 guitars to a full band.  In compliment to Suicide Drifters, The Housewives take on the melodic perfections that were handed down to us from on high by singers like The Everly Brothers.

Saturday, January 31st - FreeDubStar - $7.00 at the door

Coming from one of the the largest multi-cultural cities in Canada,

Toronto-based reggae-rockers, freedubstar describe themselves as "a psychedelic dub band - with an edge...!!!!"

freedubstar is a 3-piece funk-reggae band, led by guitarist, Michael Cooke, holding it down on rhythm and lead, creating spacey textures and solid rhythms that define their sound, backed by the sensational, powerhouse drumming of singer/songwriter Derek Musgrave (aka: Deelion,) anchored by the heavy and tastefully fluid basslines of the talented, Dane Wedderburn.

Combining elements of Psychedelic Indie-Rock with Funk and Reggae, they have created a new sound of high-energy and positive vibes that drummer DeeLion has coined the phrase 'Pop-Ska' to describe some of their more danceable numbers!!!

With the authentic charm of some 2 and 3 part vocal harmonies and contemporary driving grooves, freedubstar can take you back in time by playing some their favorite danceable reggae classics, or all the way onto the dance floor with some of their heavy original songs with conscious lyrics that make this 3 piece rocking reggae power-trio stand out from the crowd, capable of delivering an act to remember.

Friday, February 6th - Bob Marley 70th Birthday Party - $10.00 at the door

The House of David Gang return to pay tribute to the Tuff Gong, Robert Nesta Marley. Bob would have turned 70 today if his life had not been tragically cut short from cancer. What he left us was a guidebook to living together in this world. Dare we follow? One Love.

Saturday, February 7th - Les Giselles - $10.00 at the door

Friday, February 13th - JoPo and the RiZe - $7.00 at the door

Saturday, February 14th – Northern Lights presents The Great Duets – cover at the door

Join a collection of local singers and musicians as we pay tribute to the greatest duets of musical history… we are still putting the night together, so if you have an idea for performing a couple songs… send us a message and get on it… Sonny and Cher, Bert and Ernie, Kenny and Dolly, Marvin and Tammi, Conway and Loretta…

Wednesday, February 25th - Elliott Brood w/ The Wilderness of Manitoba - $15.00 Tickets on sale here

For their fifth album, Elliott Brood wanted to break things.

For the first time, Elliott Brood decided to hand over the reins to a producer: Ian Blurton, who has helped make roaring records for the Weakerthans, Skydiggers and Cursed. And for the first time, the group’s two songwriters decided to mine the bare histories of their own lives: penning verses about the ends of relationships and the tests of adulthood, long drives, childhood retreating in a rear-view mirror. “Work and love will make a man out of you,” the Constantines sang; and so here is Elliott Brood’s Work and Love, their most personal album to date, the sound of a grown-up band searching their hearts for all they’ve lost and gained.

Casey Laforet, Mark Sasso and Stephen Pitkin recorded Work and Love in the cold spring of 2014, as the ice was coming apart on Lake Ontario. They deserted their families and holed up in the Tragically Hip‘s Bathhouse Studio, scarcely emerging – waking and playing and playing and playing, one song a day. The magic usually happened some time after midnight, when they were “just tired enough”. Blurton would come out and lure them into a new place: a different, even truer landscape. They called him “the Wizard”. Blurton the Wizard and engineer Nyles “the Mad Scientist” Spencer, filling the corners of songs with burred effects and tape loops. Elliott Brood had “played it safe” for four records, they claim: Blurton sharpened their sound, weathered and interrogated it, forced the three musicians to confront their own habits. And it made for a full-length that gestures toward the Hip and the Cons as much as it does to Richard Buckner and Whiskeytown.