November is when we should see the first snow... getting dumped on for Hallowe'en was not part of the plan.Still, we have lots of stuff planned for you... Bluegrass and Gospel Brunches on Sundays. Music at Sundown is a new gig happening most Thursdays from 5:30pm to 8:00pm.

By the time Thursday rolls around... most folk are ready to roll off the week... Music at Sundown is a great chance for you to kick the weekend into gear and finish your week on a positive note. Great dinner, Great music.

Thursday, November 6 - Mr MD - Mark and Dan return

Thursday, November 13th – Lori and Jesse – The front of Sulfur City take an evening to play some stripped down blues and soul songs.

Thursday, November 20th – No Sugs – Andrea and Sam bring a couple sets of soulful pop, blues and brave and sultry interpretations of a wide range of music.  Andrea is headed in the direction of Eartha Kitt at times, boldly

Thursday, November 27th - Mr MD – Mark Savard and Dan Bedard come back for another evening of R&B, funk and bit of Blues – now that the piano is all fixed for the season again, we’ll hope to see a special guest with them!!

Thursday, December 4th – Tommy Fyfe – Sudbury’s veteran bluesman takes a dinner show with old blues, ragtime and more.

Other fantastic things this month...

24th Street Wailers - October 31st

Supertoke - November 14th!

drumHAND - November 28th.

White Cowbell Oklahoma - December 13th

The Burgers are juicy, the music is great... watch for more special matinee shows to happen... we're looking to host a Tuesday night Record Fair... a kind of Vinyl Tap if you will... the gathering of Audiophiles to listen, swap, argue about the greatest music of all time... from 6-8pm... a Thursday post work jam - 5:30-8pm... plus the return of our Sunday Bluegrass and Gospel Brunch... it gives you lots to do in this week and really it is something for everyone... of pretty much all ages and stripes.

The Townehouse has been your proud host of live music in this city for 27 years. You have seen all the greats here... The Bourbon Tabernacle Choir, Dread Zeppelin, The Hopping Penguins, Me, Mom and Morgantaler, King Apparatus, The Tea Party, Our Lady Peace, DOA, NoMeansNo, SNFU, the Dayglo Abortions, Nickelback, Len, Bedouin Soundclash, Thrush Hermit, The Weakerthans, Plumtree, Joel Plaskett, Sloan, The Headstones, The Sheepdogs, Monster Truck, The Constantines, Cuff the Duke, Yukon Blonde and many hundreds more.

We are proud to host almost every kind of music that is out there… you have to get to know it and we really hope that you love it all… now I’m not saying that top 40 hit parade music is bad… I think what we are saying here is that there are so many flavours to savour, why stop at Chocolate and Vanilla.  There are so many colours, why stop at Black and White.  The same can be said for types of Beer… with our palette being able to perceive so many flavours and our nose multiplying that by the number of smells… why would you only ever drink one or two types of beer?  Discover the world of Ales, Lagers, Stouts, Imperial Stout, IPA, American Pale Ale, Farmhouse Ales, Saisons, Trappist Ales, Porters, German Ale, Bock, Doppelbocks, Sours, Hefeweissen and many more.
For your music selection… you need to develop the vernacular. So here’s a short dictionary to guide you through your Townehouse Monthly Calendar.  Rock – When you see this in print here it will most likely have a connotation of your basic rock and roll bands drawing a direct line through The Rolling Stones, CCR, 70’s Who and The Replacements. Roots Rock – This will encompass the electric Dylan era, The Band, etc.  Country Rock – Flying Burrito Brothers/ The Byrds.  Alt-Country Psyche Rock – The Sadies, Flying Burrito Brothers.  Hard Rock – mostly Sabbath and Deep Purple is ground zero here.  Garage Rock – a wide open area that will usually include all house in the zip code surrounded by The Sonics, Link Wray, Kinks, MC5, The Stooges, Billy Childish, etc.  Punk – When I write punk… it will usually have roots to The Ramones, Descendents, DOA, Black Flag.  Roots Reggae – anything from mid 1968 until Peter Tosh and Bunny Livingston left the Wailers in 1973, leaving Bob Marley on his own.  Reggae – Tosh, Marley, Toots.  Ska and Rocksteady – Toots until 1968, The Ethiopians, Desmond Dekker, The Melodians.  2nd Wave Ska – the Specials, The Selector, English Beat.  Third Wave – The Toasters, King Apparatus, The Planet Smashers.  Bluegrass – roots music descended from Flatt and Scruggs, banjo and fiddle driven.  Mountain Music – Frailed banjo Appalachan tunes.  Outlaw Country – Hank Williams, Hank Snow, Willie, George Jones.  Hardcore – in the Townehouse calendar this will always refer to Minor Threat, SOA, 7 seconds, Gorilla Biscuits. 
The toughest thing about genre labeling is that there is so much music now that has bent the rules from where they started that we would have to have a list of genres like Netflix with their 10000 subgroups.  That’s where you see the descriptions like Indie Garage Rock, Post Hardcore, Post Reggae Dancehall, Outlaw Psyche Country… etc.  It goes on forever.  One of the closer descriptions I’ve heard to what we do is Steven Van Zandt talking about his radio station Little Steven’s Underground Garage… he says that they play everything that influenced the creation of The Ramones, and everything The Ramones subsequently influenced.  That encompasses everything from Elvis, Howlin’ Wolf and Leadbelly to The White Stripes, Black Keys and Pink Mountaintops… music with soul.  Music that makes you dance. 

Our house musicians have issuad a great number of records over the years in addition to taking over the stage for fun nights of music for the love of music... such as the annual Beatles Night... Exile on Elgin Street - The Rolling Stones Night, The Lost Waltz - The Band and Bob Dylan... the Tom Waits Birthday Party, The Bob Marley Birthday Party, the Peter Tosh Birthday party... The Bluegrass and Gospel Brunch... the Motown Night... the occasional OX and Bandit tribute to Black Sabbath... Clayton's Guilty Pleasures night... all amazing parts of our community from a dedicated music community that has grown steadily over the years from the days of Mike Holler, Trevor Haapamaki and Rob Gregorini founding the first interesting bands of this generation through a gradual build and critical mass and quiet acclaim for our scene across the country. Statues, OX and Kate Maki made great roads through Europe... Strange Attractor still building an audience in major cities and through Europe...

Don't worry if you missed something that was great... I'll let you in on a secret... you did. There will never be another Constantines. But don't worry because there will always be another high water point. I never got to see Oscar Peterson play... but I saw The Beastie Boys. We loved the Constantines... the next generation will love another band and get their religious healing from the music. I promise.

Sift through this calendar and see what you like... make a note and come out!! There's lots to see... lots to do... Thank-you for supporting live music in our community.


Thursday, October 30th – The Crooked Bros - $7.00 at the door

The Crooked Brothers are home-brewed. They play homegrown, homemade music.  Both gritty and pretty at once – their take on folk, on blues, rock or anything they turn their hands to can’t be said to be anything but their own.  Sometimes it’s as simple as three sweet harmonies, or a single harmonica holding the whole room at attention, and sometimes things growl and shake and come smashing down with a filthy rhythm beneath it.  But it’s all Crooked Brothers, to the last drop.
Just try and pin it down. Matt’s unforgettably strange voice, inhuman and gravelly deep.  Darwin’s deft handling of the harmonica.  Jesse’s stories and poems turned lyrics.  Practically a Crooked Family Variety Act – their concerts see banjos, mandolins, guitars and more taking turns being juggled from brother to brother.  Each having their own style and touch, the arrangements seem limitless, and there’s a refreshing sense that they will never write the same song twice.
The Crooked Brothers have performed to sold-out rooms at festivals overseas such as Brighton’s Great Escape, and Willisau, Switzerland’s Spring Bluegrass Festival. They have toured 10 countries, played in nearly every province and territory in Canada, and have released three full length albums, as well as an EP that comes available exclusively on limited-edition postcards.
Their new album, Thank You I’m Sorry (2014) – Captured in the wide open spaces of both a warehouse and a handmade log home – sounds bigger, feels bigger than their last two albums.  Folk music has never had this kind of groove to it.  There is still that depth and story to their lyrics, still the familiar attention to detail.  Every sound, every song carefully crafted.  But the band itself has grown – they rarely perform as a trio anymore, opting for the heft and groove that the upright bass and drums afford.  If this is folk music, it’s folk music full of left turns.  A dark poem that sets hundreds dancing at a time.

Friday, October 31st - The 24th Street Wailers - Super Hallowe'en Bash - $10.00 at the door -

The great costume party - it all comes down to this... who has the brass to pull off the most daring or intricate costume? We do a crowd judged costume contest during the night to award some lucky folks a one year card of no cover charge (some restrictions). Crowds will vote with their gut so get the pencil to paper right now and get out your sewing machine and you to can pull off the crime of the century.

Opening the evening is Tom Fyfe and the Traveling Medicine show... the stars of the evening are our great friends from Toronto, returning with their firebrand Swing, Jump Blues with a slice of rockabilly.

Experienced, road-tested and tougher than a two by four, The 24th Street Wailers are five musicians who originally met in music school. Their major influence? The sounds from the freewheeling period in the ‘40s and ‘50s when the Blues gave birth to Rock and Roll in black communities in major American cities. When showmanship mattered. When the sax player, not the guitarist, got the girls.

So here’s the band:

Lindsay Beaver’s the flame-haired lead singer/drummer who fronts the band, who even at first glance is anything but the norm. How many women play drums this powerfully, deliver the vocals and lead a thunderingly successful band? Just this one. Then there’s Emily Burgess, tiny, shy and innocent in appearance, and an explosive lead guitarist. Highlight of any Wailers show: Emily’s tearaway solos, and her duets with tenor sax wizard Jon Wong. Jon’s a second generation Chinese Canadian who’s a 21st century version of a honking sax man who escaped from Little Richard’s screaming band. And then there’s Lindsay’s husband Mike Archer, a country boy at heart that turns his Upright Bass into a sound so big you’ll feel it in your gut. (He also handles most of the band’s business affairs). And if all that wasn’t enough, the band’s just added Jesse Whiteley — a member of Toronto’s first family of roots music — on piano. It didn’t take long for The Wailers to develop the tightest of grooves, an original repertoire, and a balls-against-the-wall live show, and you can hear it in the three studio CDs they’ve made so far.

Saturday, November 1st – B.A. Johnston, Ramblin Rose, Yonatan Girl, The Almighty Rhombus - $7.00 at the door

BA has been playing music since the late 1950s; his biggest success coming as the leader of the cover band BA and the Chuds in the early 1970s, who many believe greatly influenced Canadian favs Doug and the Slugs. After receiving the Juno Award for best hard rock record in 1985, BA actually returned the award when he found out he would have to pay for it. When not touring Canada, BA lives at home in Hamilton ON with his Mother, Father and beloved pet Mr. Whiskers.?

Sunday, November 2nd - BA Johnston All Ages show at 6pm - $7.00 at the door

Monday and Tuesday, November 3 and 4 - Closed for 2 days.

We are standing in for a 1960's club for 2 days while we shoot music scenes for the Chet Baker movie Born To Be Blue. Ethan Hawke stars as the late Jazz great. He's been hanging out a bit during shooting days... He's one of the nice ones... asks questions about the town and engages in pretty much regular conversation. The film crew has been more than supportive of local restaurants and easy to work with on an organizational point... so while we will miss you for 2 days... you can put in some extra time at The Buddha and get to know some of their imported beers... before coming back on Wednesday for the Sam Cassio night.

Friday, November 7th - The Zeppelin Night - $7.00 at the door

Ryan takes Bandit through a night of Led Zeppelin greats. The fantastic thing about this is that usually Ryan will take on the double duty of Robert Plant AND Jimmy Page for the evening... to quite the accuracy! It's great to watch, hard to believe... and really is about as much fun as you can have with Hard Rock's pioneer trailblazers.

Saturday, November 8th - Keeping Them Warm Fundraiser - $10.00 at the door - Doors at 7:00pm.

This committee is a non-registered charitable organization in Sudbury which has been in existence since 2005. We fundraise throughout the year in order to purchase clothing for children in need in our community. Each year on the first Friday in December, we take approximately 65 children shopping at a local store, after which they are treated to food, face-painting, and a visit from Santa, complete with a Christmas stocking.

Tonight at the Townehouse we enjoy a festival of Short Films and Songwriters and fun music, plus a Silent Auction featuring work from Visual Artists, Crafters, donated sponsor prizes and more.

Join us at 7pm. Children are welcome until 9pm. Have dinner, celebrate the arts, raise money for the most vulnerable in our community.

Be sure to check us out for a few hours tonight and bid in the silent auction... see the short films... If you click on the "Buy Tickets Now" link from either the Townehouse page or the Facebook Event page, you can contribute directly... so... if you can't make it, but want to donate... click on the Supporter button on ticket sales and make a donation! it will all go to the project of buying winter clothing for the most vulnerable children in our community...

Wednesday, November 12th - Harpdog Brown - 9pm

Harpdog Brown is a gifted singer and imaginative harmonica player of note that has been in Canada’s Blues scene since 1982. Born in Edmonton, Alberta and based in Vancouver, British Columbia, he’s crossed tens of thousands of miles playing club dates and festivals in Canada, North Western United States and Germany.

Over the years Harpdog has issued 6 CD’s to critical acclaim. In 1995 his Home is Where The Harp Is won the coveted Muddy Award for the best NW Blues Release of the year, from the Cascade Blues Association in Portland. As well that year it was nominated for a Juno for the best Blues Release in Canada. Teamed up with Graham Guest on piano, his CD Naturally was voted #1 Canadian Blues Album of 2011 by The Blind Lemon Survey.
Harpdog resides in Vancouver, BC where he leads his own trio and quartet of hot local players churning out blues on the jazzy mellower side. He also leads The Harpdog Brown Band which is a gutsy traditional Chicago blues band with John R Hunter (drums), Jordan Edmonds (guitar) and George Fenn (bass). In 2014 they released “What It Is” consisting mainly new originals and a few classic covers you don’t get from your average blues band. As Holger Peterson says on the jacket, Harpdog’s best work yet. Check it out.

Friday, November 14th – Supertoke – The Birthday show… $7.00 at the door with guests - Magic Pelvis, Horselung.
Description: supertoke.jpg

As luck would have it, the three charter members of Supertoke were all born on November 14th.  So this is their official birthday show.  Supertoke was born 2 in 1984,  and one in 1996… always a presidential election year, but only years in which the incumbant president was re-elected.  They tried out a fantastic second guitar player but upon finding out he was born in 1992, a year in which a new president was elected… they immediately cast him away and banned the player from attending future gigs.  Strangely, the three current members have absolutely no care for American Politics, preferring to remain out of arguments about pipelines and foreign wars.  They do support gun use, as they actually do hunt for all of their food.  Instrumental rock that mixes Captain Beefheart, Link Wray and travel through time and space.

All Instrumental... This evening will have more than enough aural and visual stimulus, that we're just going to leave the words at home.

Saturday, November 15th - Norway, Fever City - $7.00 at the door

Come out and party with us! Both of these Toronto bands feature Sudbury musicians that have moved down to the big smoke to immerse in the larger music scene... of course... the lure of home is always beckoning. See these ex Life Sized Dream and Life Blown Open members bring back a bit of big city life to their hometown stage... and we also get to remind Toronto why so many bands wants to come back time and time again to a place that loves music.

Fever City


Wednesday, November 19th - Cage Call - $7.00 at the door - 9:00pm

The Madness Tour - Attikus, ILLTONE, Syductive, Ham-E
Best rhymes, best beats, best burgers in town & cheap drinks!!!

Attikus BIO:
A true torchbearer of Boom Bap Hip Hop, Attikus rhymes with the soul of the blue collar working man. A master of observation, Attikus raps about the little things that creep into our minds and circle our thoughts. With a wordly mind, Attikus hails from Vancouver,BC on the West Coast of Canada. Delving deep into the conscious stream, Attikus politics with the audience, almost having a conversation with his listeners. Original member of Vancouver boom bap band GroundBreakers, Attikus has played hundreds of shows, having toured Western Canada and BC heavily. Along the way he has performed in a supporting role for shows that included Zion I, J-Live, Lifesavas, RA the Rugged Man, Living Legends, Masta Ace, Chin Injeti, Moka Only and many more.

Attikus just released his debut solo album named Boo Radley April 2012. This 13 track album has been met with rave reviews with saying; “There’s a definite precision executed by Attikus on his latest, Boo Radley. A sly yet incisive rhyming style along with epic tone-setting beats and a solid crew of features makes this gratifying listen from front to back”. Attikus has just begun to make his presence felt in the world of music, a presence that will undoubtedly intensify.

Ill Tone (of Broken Logic) BIO:
ILL TONE is currently back in the lab working on 3 separate releases and expects the first to be complete in winter of 2014. Most of the beats have been produced by Tone himself, but he's also teamed up with Dead Giveaway to produce 5 or 6 as well. The instrumentals are a fusion of new age EDM sounding synths and lots of solid live instrumentation.

Having toured throughout 7 countries with such established artists as The Beatnuts, Masta Ace, and Evil Ebenezer, Ill Tone has crafted a very energetic and highly interactive live set. With a blend of consciously motivated, comedic, self reflective, and honest lyrics, he has tailored his live set to appeal to a wide audience. In addition to performing live with his DJ, he occasionally rocks his sets with a live band (electric guitarist, bassist). They are based in Vancouver.

DJ Syductive on the 1s & 2s

w/ guests Ham-E Tha Northern Mic ( page )

& SOMEPeople - Sound Of Modern Era - Sudbury
'Lyrical knowledge, coupled with smooth beats , creating an original sound to increase the vibration of your soul.'

Saturday, November 22nd - CKLU 30th Anniversary party!! - $10 at the door

In the year 1984, CKLU was born. Therefore, our little indie campus/community station is now the ripe age of 30.
We've gone through trial and error, teenage angst when nothing worked and have endured times where things were literally patched with duct tape.

Even though the odds were against us, we made it. And we want to share that with you.

Join us at The Townehouse Tavern on Saturday November 22nd for a birthday extravaganza. Starring some of the finest in our local scene - Hello Holiday, Weatherly, OX, DJ Nixian.

If the bands aren't enough to convince you, we have prizes. We have FOOD. Most importantly... we are gonna have some CAKE.

Cost is $10.

CKLU Reviews:

"This Radio Station Defied All Odds And Turned Thirty Years Old. What Happens Next Will Blow Your Mind." -

"98 Reasons Why You Should Attend A CKLU Birthday Party, Even If You're Not Thirty" -

Tuesday, November 25th - Dylan Perron et Elixir d'Gumbo - 8:00pm - $7.00 at the door

Can't wait for this show... it was one of the highlights of our late winter... we tried to bring them back in the summer but relentless tour schedules have held the band back until now...

Bluegrass, Blues and Folk and a pinch of Celtic influence

Dylan Perron et Élixir de Gumbo, c’est une recette secrète du cercle des fermières de LaMotte en Abitibi au Québec. Une tasse de bluegrass, une chopine de blues, une cuillère à table de folk ainsi qu’une pincé de celtic. le tout arrosé d’une giboyeuse formule quartette! À TABLE...Offrez-vous ce que le Québec vous propose de mieux… se servir soi-même.

Wednesday, November 26th - The Pack A.D. - Tickets $10.00, $12.00 at the door. doors 8:00pm. The Metis to open.

This is the Pack AD's first return to the Townehouse since they are now signed to Nettwerk Records... the Vancouver duo is poised to make the crucial breakthrough long predicted by the fawning Canadian music press and presaged by the ever-swelling ranks of its faithful fan base. Formed in 2006 and following four releases – Unpersons (2011), We Kill Computers (2010), Funeral Mixtape (2008), Tintype (2008) – The Pack is an act that’s earned its current “bubbling under” status the old-fashioned way: by showing up and showing the people the goods one city and one new fan at a time and then coming back, time and again, with even more to offer.

The pair’s songwriting has expanded along with its diligently improving maxi-minimalist musicianship, too, to embrace churlish stoner-rock, infectiously woo-woo-ing bubblegrunge, bittersweetly expansive pseudo-shoegaze and a whole lotta “really loud, fun punk rock,” as Miller described the modus operandi behind the Pack’s Juno-nominated Unpersons to the Toronto Star in 2011.
On August 27th, Nettwerk Records will release a most proper introduction to the band in the form of an EP titled Some Sssongs. The EP is a 5-song collection of tracks from previous albums (“Sirens,” “Haunt You,” “Positronic,” and “Deer”) and a new track (“Battering Ram”) from their 5th LP Do Not Engage, released early 2014.

The timing is perfect. Black has always been a terrifyingly unhinged vocalist and a fringe-dwelling guitar goddess non pareil, but she’s learned over the years to channel her copious talents outward with range and nuance. Miller’s Keith Moon-esque disregard for the health of her drum kit now similarly displays a creeping command of lyrical subtlety, while her recent decision to start chiming in on vocals has added a whole new layer of potential to The Pack A.D. package. The Pack A.D. didn’t get to be the two-headed rock-‘n’-roll beast it is today overnight, but by throwing itself headlong into rock ‘n’ roll and genuinely living it for seven years on the road and killing it in too many shitty, empty clubs to mention even when only a handful of lucky people were looking – and killing at least one exhausted touring-van-slash-touring-home along the way, to boot. Black and Miller earned the right to be the totally fucking bad-ass band they are today. If you’re not already acquainted with what they’ve accomplished together as The Pack A.D., it’s high time you strapped yourself in and took a listen.

Friday, November 28th – Drumhand, Hornface - $10.00 at the door

Propelled by a steamroller of percussion and energized by jazz horns, Toronto’s DRUMHAND draws inspiration from the danceable circuitous rhythms of hot climates from Bahia, Brazil to Ghana, West Africa and from India to New Orleans. The group is becoming increasingly known for innovative orchestrations; uplifting and accessible artistry for audiences at festivals; school shows; theaters; clubs.

Led by Larry Graves, he brings the same passion for Rhythm and soul that he brought to Sudbury for many years as the drummer for Mr. Something Something. This new project has a lot of life in it and we hope that Sudbury brings great support to this band so we can bring them back a couple times a year...

Saturday, November 29th - Poorly Flatt - $7.00 at the door

A combination of players and writers from across the roots board here. Paul, Sam, Jon, Barry and more will get together a couple times a year and lay out a night of glorious ragged folk, roots, blues, bluegrass and some plain old rock and roll. If we had ever seen a jam between Neil Young, Gram Parsons, Levon Helm and Willie P Bennett it might have gone something like this.

Friday, December 5th - The House of David Gang Reggae Band - $10.00 at the door

Throughout their career, House of David Gang has been known for their uplifting roots rock reggae sound, which pays homage to the classic 70's & 80's Jamaican sound mixed with a modern rootsy Canadian feel. The band takes its name from The House of David, an afterhours spot on Queen Street West in Toronto that was a Rasta hotspot for reasoning, dancing and reggae music from the late 80s until the mid 90s.

This Reggae favourite loves to return to Sudbury... this will be a great way to kick off your Cinefest week with an evening of cool Island groove

Sunday, December 7th – Tom Waits Birthday Party – 7pm doors, 8:00pm show

Our annual night to relish in the oddest, coolest and wildest batch of songs of the last 50 years. To quote Tom... we'll play Brawlers, Bawlers and Bastards this evening. Some of it will have sultry flair. Some will have sharp edges, some songs will sound just like the records.