This is the Monthly calendar for The Townehouse Tavern, Sudbury's long time venerable home of live music. Can we sum it up? We love to present Rock, Indie Rock, Punk, Heavy, Soul, Jazz, Blues, World, Folk, Bluegrass and more. It's got to be something interesting and we'll try and present it. We do full bands mostly on the weekends and mostly solo acoustic acts during the week. We were the starting point for hundreds of bands since 1991... from The Tea Party to Nickelback... the Hopping Penguins, Bourbon Tabernacle Choir... to Born Ruffians, Yukon Blonde... Those who might be the biggest music stars of tomorrow, might be playing here tonight.


Our kitchen cranks out the finest Burgers in the north. Made from local, fresh, never frozen, steroid free ground beef, our Burgers are hand made fresh every day. We are proud to use local potatoes for our handcut Fries, along with any other items on our menu that can be sourced locally. We have the best hand made Veggie Burger around... The Beet and Hemp Burger... hearty salads... soul satisfying appetizers ... mmm... Deep Fried Oreos... We love to cook from when we open at 11:00am (12:00pm Sundays) until 2:00am each day.


We love to entertain groups for everyday and special events... Business, Family or Friends. We love to help out community organizations with Fundraisers. We love to provide great entertainment and food in a safe environment. We love families but we do ask for Age of Majority after 9:00pm. We love Craft Beer and fine libations but if you look under 25, we need to see your ID when you order, and we do ask that if you do consume alcohol, please drink responsibly.

For Catering Information... contact Veronica Desjardins

For Reservations... call the restaurant at 705.674.6883

For Band Booking, Special Events information... contact Paul Loewenberg










Ask any musician in Canada what defines Sudbury and they will most likely say, The Townehouse Tavern.  As a mid sized venue, this room has seen almost every popular band in the country over the last 30 years.

From Nickelback to Bedouin Soundclash, The Tea Party to The Weakerthans.  Feist and Sarah Harmer.  Our Lady Peace to Alexisonfire.  The Townehouse is known for it’s diverse music from Rock to Funk, African Traditional, Folk, Klezmer, Metal, Ska, Reggae, Soul, Punk, Garage, Jazz, Blues and Bluegrass and Outlaw Country.  The Townehouse is one of the few incubators of live music to have lasted 30 years in this country.

When The Townehouse began to bring in interesting music, it tapped into the cultural vein of the country.  Everything else in this generation of the Arts community blossomed from this corner.  The Townehouse was the start of the change that transformed Elgin Street and steered downtown back towards a centre of cultural capital.


MUSIC AT SUNDOWN ALL Through the Winter

Continuing on Thursdays ... we are having more dinner music!! Every Thursday 5:30pm to 8:00pm
Don't wait for the weekend to fill your life with music... Music at Sundown is a great chance for you to finish your work day with a little play. Enjoy the music with dinner. Come and see the fantastic talent we have in the north on a weekly basis. Great dinner, Great music. Thursdays - 5:30pm to 8:00pm. No Cover.

Hugh Jazz - Wednesday Nights at 7:30pm. New Early Start!

Starting October 17th... Hugh Jazz will be starting earlier... we will kick off the Gypsy Jazz portion just after dinner and then get rowdier after 9pm. Enjoy a flashback through time every Wednesday night at THE TOWNEHOUSE with HUGH JAZZ!

The amazing sounds of live gypsy jazz, delicious delicious food and beer will transport you to the romantic period of the early 20th century. HUGH JAZZ performs live gypsy jazz in the Paris "LE JAZZ HOT" style playing jazz standards made famous by artists such as Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli. Relive the golden period of jazz through the post-prohibition era deftly executed by:

J.P. Gignac - Fiddle, Percussion, Jigs and Reels
Eric Plangger - Guitar
Christopher Garlic - Drums
Also fronting the band is amazing vocalist Will Himsl.

Will brings many years of Sinatraesque swing and latin jazz experience to the band covering everything from Fly me to the Moon to killer classics from Stevie Wonder. Not to be missed!

Music starts at 7:30 PM.

Pass the Hat. A $7.50 donation to the band is suggested. See you there!!!

BLUEGRASS BRUNCH SUNDAYS 2-5pm are continuing ...

Another new season of bands, food, good times to be found at The Townehouse Tavern and our sister restaurant, The Laughing Buddha. Some of us are students, some are teachers. Many of us just work regular jobs from Engineers to Baristas and we just want to hang out in a place that has a laid back atmosphere, good food and good music. Take in the Elgin Street Scene and see where the arts live in Sudbury. From the guitar store at the top of the street (Cosmic Dave’s, 420 Elgin) through the School of Architecture and beyond, Elgin Street is full of the restaurants, galleries, coffee shops, a tattoo parlor and music stores that breathe life into this city. Add to that the Theatre Centre, Book Stores, Clothing Stores, and Craft Galleries. Smack dab in the centre… ground zero if you will… is the place where it all started, The Townehouse Tavern.

We have been your hosts of the best live entertainment for decades… on our stage you saw Sudbury’s first appearances of Nickelback, Our Lady Peace, Sloan, D.O.A., SNFU, Bedouin Soundclash, Tokyo Police Club, Hollerado, Alexisonfire, The Constantines, The Planet Smashers, The Salads, The Trews, Finger 11, Swollen Members, Philosopher Kings, Kardinall Ofishall, Choclair, Snow, The Tea Party, The Headstones, The Rheostatics, Blackie and the Rodeo Kings, Corb Lund, Serena Ryder, Sarah Harmer, Sarah Slean, Oh Susanna, Damnhait Doyle, Yukon Blonde, The Wooden Sky, Mother Mother, Hannah Georgas, Jenn Grant… classic acts like Razor, Anvil, Nash the Slash, The Paul Collins Band, The Fleshtones, The Viletones, Jad Fair, Fishbone… We’ve had the members of Joe Strummer’s Mescalaros come and pay tribute to Joe after he passed… Jon Spencer came around with Heavy Trash, his post Blues Explosion band with The Sadies. Our house musicians put together several shows each year to pay tribute to the great moments in music… The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Kinks, Memphis Soul, Tom Waits, David Bowie, Prince and more. We present Blues, Rock, Jazz, Indie, Underground, Funk, Outlaw Spacerock, Darkwave, Ska, Reggae, Punk, Noise, Folk, Bluegrass… anything!! We do it because filling your life with music is a good life.

The Townehouse Tavern is pleased to add a Vegan Menu to our regular restaurant items

Yes, we've got the best Burgers in the north. Did you know that now we can do most of our sauces as Vegan? We hunted down some great Vegan Hotdogs so now we can make fresh Vegan Corndogs for you, anytime of day... We have a selection of Vegan Cheeses... some from Daiya and some from the Kind Choice Food Co. in North Bay. We are making our Vegan Chili around the clock and giving you lots of Vegan options for Burgers, Salads, Appetizers... and even our desserts. Peruse... ask your server for the Vegan Menu. The food is not just kind to your insides... it's kind to the planet.

Farewell to summer

The patio is going away for the winter... sad but true. A reminder that Alcohol can no longer go outside on the sidewalk. Leave it inside if you must go outside to smoke.

Legalization of Cannabis

As of October 17th, The Caanbis Act will start to roll out across the country. Inside the restaurant, in this licensed establishment, it changes nothing. You still have to go outside to smoke. You still have to go outside to vape.

Tuesday Night Trivia

Starting May 22nd, Nickel City Trivia will run out of the Townehouse Tavern every Tuesday night at 8pm. This trivia night includes multiple choice, picture, music, general, and local trivia questions as well as weekly prizes and specials.

We will be doing $6.00 Stack pints on Tuesdays plus you will still get treated to live music right after the Trivia is done...



            The Townehouse Tavern has, for the last 27 years been the home of live music here in Sudbury.  A proud tradition of live music clubs across the country, like The Horseshoe Tavern and Call the Office… that are keeping the music alive at the roots level.  We join a lively community of promoters and musicians who keep the music scene alive in this city… It takes a village to keep it all together… Together with Northern Lights, River and Sky, Up Here, the Houles, the Drakes, Shawn Kosmo, all the guys from Murder Murder, Cosmic Dave’s, Jenn McKerral, Jenn Holub and about 50 other people, we work full time around the clock year in and year out… For some it is the family business… our sound tech Dunstan is 3rd generation Sudbury artist… Paul DiSalle is 4th generation Sudbury artist.  We want people to go out and support live music throughout the year.  We want people to be inspired to pick up guitars and brass and keyboards and drums and challenge themselves and challenge the community with new music.  Sing your own song, paint your own picture, write your own book… I should add more… cook your own meal.  Build your own instruments.  Carve your own niche.


Friday, November 30th - Voice Thief - $7.00 at the door

Still a relatively new band on the scene, but Voice Thief has made a regular impression on the downtown in the last couple of months. You can catch them every couple of weeks at one of Downtown's favourites... Tonight, we snag them for a couple sets of "Butter Funk". Check out this little clip here...


The members are great players and scene makers... Butter Funk Grooves 
Kelly Perras - Vocals
Benjamin Guido -Keys
Andre Plante - Guitars
John McDonald - Basses
Drew Vendetti - Drums

Saturday, December 1st - Carden Cove, Jon Danyliw, Matt Foy - $7.00 at the door

Carden Cove finally makes their way back to the Townehouse stage! After a lengthy hiatus, the band looks to continue what they started (now over 4 years ago) with the release of "Grown Slow". The set will be comprised of tracks from their debut album, and will also include a handful of unreleased songs.

Jonathan S. Danyliw comes out of retirement to grace us with an intimate acoustic performance. With a strong artistic focus and a blue collar work ethic, Jon has made waves with many groups over the years including Meadowlark Five, Pistol George Warren, Supertoke and most recently Murder Murder. He's toured the world with his songs, and we are lucky to have snagged him for a rare performance. So far we are unsure what to expect from his set, and that's how we like it.

Matt Foy is one of the best dudes around. He also makes a variety of noises with his guitar. It's fun, it's interesting, it's strange, it's smart... It's Foyzee.

Friday, December 7th - Tom Waits Birthday Tribute - $7.00 at the door - 10pm

Once a year, a bunch of our local crew get together and celebrate the music of Tom Waits... This year, for the first time, we have some Brass players out with many thanks to Mel G for arranging some horns for us so we can nail some Franks Wild Years stuff and some other random maladies.  

Tom Waits has been putting out albums since 1973. He continues to be unharnessed by definitions. He is a devoted mixologist of themes, sounds, landscapes and dreams. At once he sounds like Howlin' Wolf making music in a junkyard and a film noir mystery. He is Shakespeares funny gravedigger.  

He has given us dozens of albums over 45 years, and we aim to cover as much territory as possible. Appearances from... members of Legion Brass Band, Silvertongue, Ryan Levecque, Little Albert's Mank Ind, PWM's Andrew Ryan and more.  

Please join us for the fun and celebrate this indescribable talent.

Saturday, December 8th - Newcastle - $7.00 at the door - 10pm

Friday, December 14th - The Beatles Night - $10.00 at the door - 9pm

Our annual Beatles Night has to come a week early this year... nothing wrong with an early Christmas. Keeping on with our path of doing 50th anniversary celebrations... this Christmas we celebrate 50 years of The White Album.

The Beatles self titled 1968 epic sprawled across many musical genres and we will tackle it all... maybe not an exact copy of Revolution Number 9... but pretty much everything else. As we started in 2017, we have brass joining us for the bigger songs. We will play The White Album and do a bunch more of our favourites. We will hit some Solo work from most of the Beatles and play the monsters, the b-sides, the deep cuts, the obscure... join us for this tribute to Pop music's greatest group.

Doors will open at 9:00pm. Music will start around 10pm. $10 at the door.

Saturday, December 15th - Elijah and the Backburners + Guests - $7.00 at the door


Thursday, December 20th - Silvertongue, Little Albert, Johnny B. - $7.00 at the door

Silvertongue's Xmas Miracle!! Come kick off your holiday week with an eclectic collection of rock, HipHop, experimental music and general fun... stop taking life so seriously for the next 12 days...

Friday, December 21st - The Darkest Sabbath, OX - $cover at the door

The day of the year with the least sunlight seemed like a ripe night to play a set of Black Sabbath music. The classic line-up of OX... Mark Browning, Mark Koetsier, Ryan Bishops and Sarah Craig will play a set this evening and then OX will set out to have some fun playing the music of Cream and a bunch of Black Sabbath. Classic Sudbury rock and roll meets the darkest of all classic heavy music.

Saturday, December 22nd - The Cooperative - $10.00 at the door

We have reached the dance portion of your annual holiday week! The Cooperative has transported down to earth to celebrate the best new wave and synthpop dance and alternative music spanning the 70s to the 90s. Featuring the phenomenal Pandora Topp (lead vocalist), acclaimed singer-songwriters Matt Foy (guitar), and Jennifer Holub (keys), as well the rock-solid rhythm section of Steve Joncas (bass) and Joe Fiorino (drums), audiences will teleport back in time to revel in the upbeat tempos, synth waves and energetic style that defined the top new wave singles from the UK and US charts. All systems are go! From The Police to Talking Heads, Duran Duran to David Bowie, Blondie to the B52s, the countdown starts…

Sunday, December 23rd - Dany Laj and the Looks - cover at the door. 10pm

Wednesday, December 26th - The Almighty Rhombus, HUTTCH, Coal Black Labrador, Oli Palkovitz - Doors open at 9pm. $10.00 at the door

$10 DOOR / 10PM
$5 Pints of Stack Brewing Beer

The Almighty Rhombus will kick off the night with a 30-minute set from 10:30-11. DJ Vynelle will spin to start and end the night.

Coal Black Labrador (Sudbury)
Barry Miles' new band

Olivier Palkovits (Sudbury)
With full band

Huttch (Windsor, Dance Rock)
Peep the vid in the event header

Thursday, December 27th - 10pm - $10.00 at the door - The Dirty Princes

Stay tuned for a complete line-up announcement as time moves along. We welcome the Dirty Princes back to Sudbury along with the one and only Shawn Kozmo. He has been making a name for himself in Toronto this past year annd a bit. Check out the latest video he has directed for Here Kitty Productions.

Stay tuned for announcements on full line-up for the evening.

Friday, December 28th - The Therapists, The Goombas, Desert Therapy - $7.00 at the door

The Therapists
The Clowns are back in town. Come have some eggnogg and make bad life choices with the Princes of excessive partying. The bubbles, the smoke, the toys, the candy, the guyliner, the Jesus & spaceboi connection, the random acts of bromo sexuality, the highkicks and drug tips, the ball tricks and the Christina's poison lips.. you know how it be. 

The Goombas
Whitby Ontario's sexyiest psychedelia rock ensemble, you'd better invest in some mind substances and buckle your seat belt for the smooth and jagged sonic experience that is The Goombas 

Desert Therapy
Susburys up and coming trippy boys, desert therapy are poised to start the night off right in the middle of a peyote explosion where you will think...oh yeah, I like The Doors too

Show starts around 10 pm.

Saturday, December 29th - 10pm - MURDER MURDER, The Mayhemingways - $10.00 at the door

As many people know, Murder Murder is going on a bit of a hiatus and we are taking a break from touring. We've booked a hiatus show on Dec.29th at The Townehouse Tavern with our good friends Mayhemingways, but in the meantime check out this video.

Saturday, December 29th - 7:00pm - 10:00pm - The Smokin' Jackets - $10.00 at the door

Phil May, Tony Simpkin, Mark Savard and Joe Reda return for a holiday show. The doors open at 7:00pm and the band will play from around 8:00pm to 10:00pm. As the holidays go, we will clear up for a 2nd show tonight of more great local bands celebrating the holidays. The Smokin' Jackets just celebrated their 25th anniversary and continue to roll ahead playing the best in Rhythm and Blues, with splashes of Soul, Funk and Rock and Roll. Much of their music comes from the era of the best period in history... 1968-1974... celebrating the greats like Grand Funk Railroad, Santana, Commodores, Doobie Brothers and more.


Sunday, December 30th - Hotdog - $7.00 at the door - 10pm

Spencer can be seen on stage playing his own great songs from Carden Cove and Tofino, but every now and then you just want to rock the house with your favourite songs. HotDog is a band made of local players just looking for a fun night out. It's party music... here we go.

New Year's Eve - The Northern Memphis Revival - $25.00 tickets + tax.

Doors open at 8:00pm.

Band plays from 9:00pm through midnight, we have party favours and dinner... Then the band goes back on and plays until you can dance no more.

Formed a couple years ago, the Revival plays Memphis Soul... We cover some songs from the following artists: Otis Redding, the Bar-keys, Wendy Rene, Rufus and Carla Thomas, Curtis Mayfield, Aretha Franklin, Isaac Hayes, Sam & Dave, Solomon Burke, William Bell, Linda Lyndell, Wilson Pickett, Tina Turner, Eddie Floyd, Etta James, Joe Tex, The Staple Singers, Jean Knight, The Mar-Keys, Booker T & the MGs, and many more... Now who doesn't love Soul! It's a great tradition of danceable music from a stable of artists that often tackled important human social issues at the same time as creating the soundtrack to the heaviest dance party on the planet.

Tickets will be available through The Townehouse,, Cosmic Daves Vinyl Emporium, High Road Records and from members of the band.