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This is the Monthly calendar for The Townehouse Tavern, Sudbury's long time venerable home of live music. Can we sum it up? We love to present Rock, Indie Rock, Punk, Heavy, Soul, Jazz, Blues, World, Folk, Bluegrass and more. It's got to be something interesting and we'll try and present it. We do full bands mostly on the weekends and mostly solo acoustic acts during the week. We were the starting point for hundreds of bands since 1991... from The Tea Party to Nickelback... the Hopping Penguins, Bourbon Tabernacle Choir... to Born Ruffians, Yukon Blonde... Those who might be the biggest music stars of tomorrow, might be playing here tonight.


Our kitchen cranks out the finest Burgers in the north. Made from local, fresh, never frozen, steroid free ground beef, our Burgers are hand made fresh every day. We are proud to use local potatoes for our handcut Fries, along with any other items on our menu that can be sourced locally. We have the best hand made Veggie Burger around... The Beet and Hemp Burger... hearty salads... soul satisfying appetizers ... mmm... Deep Fried Oreos... We love to cook from when we open at 11:00am (12:00pm Sundays) until 2:00am each day.


We love to entertain groups for everyday and special events... Business, Family or Friends. We love to help out community organizations with Fundraisers. We love to provide great entertainment and food in a safe environment. We love families but we do ask for Age of Majority after 9:00pm. We love Craft Beer and fine libations but if you look under 25, we need to see your ID when you order, and we do ask that if you do consume alcohol, please drink responsibly.

For Catering Information... contact Veronica Desjardins

For Reservations... call the restaurant at 705.674.6883

For Band Booking, Special Events information... contact Paul Loewenberg










Ask any musician in Canada what defines Sudbury and they will most likely say, The Townehouse Tavern.  As a mid sized venue, this room has seen almost every popular band in the country over the last 30 years.

From Nickelback to Bedouin Soundclash, The Tea Party to The Weakerthans.  Feist and Sarah Harmer.  Our Lady Peace to Alexisonfire.  The Townehouse is known for it’s diverse music from Rock to Funk, African Traditional, Folk, Klezmer, Metal, Ska, Reggae, Soul, Punk, Garage, Jazz, Blues and Bluegrass and Outlaw Country.  The Townehouse is one of the few incubators of live music to have lasted 30 years in this country.

When The Townehouse began to bring in interesting music, it tapped into the cultural vein of the country.  Everything else in this generation of the Arts community blossomed from this corner.  The Townehouse was the start of the change that transformed Elgin Street and steered downtown back towards a centre of cultural capital.


MUSIC AT SUNDOWN ALL Through the Winter

Continuing on Thursdays ... we are having more dinner music!! Every Thursday 5:30pm to 8:00pm
Don't wait for the weekend to fill your life with music... Music at Sundown is a great chance for you to finish your work day with a little play. Enjoy the music with dinner. Come and see the fantastic talent we have in the north on a weekly basis. Great dinner, Great music. Thursdays - 5:30pm to 8:00pm. No Cover.

Hugh Jazz - Wednesday Nights at 7:00pm. New Early Start!

Starting October 17th... Hugh Jazz will be starting earlier... we will kick off the Gypsy Jazz portion just after dinner and then get rowdier after 9pm. Enjoy a flashback through time every Wednesday night at THE TOWNEHOUSE with HUGH JAZZ!

The amazing sounds of live gypsy jazz, delicious delicious food and beer will transport you to the romantic period of the early 20th century. HUGH JAZZ performs live gypsy jazz in the Paris "LE JAZZ HOT" style playing jazz standards made famous by artists such as Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli. Relive the golden period of jazz through the post-prohibition era deftly executed by:

J.P. Gignac - Fiddle, Percussion, Jigs and Reels
Eric Plangger - Guitar
Also fronting the band is amazing vocalist Will Himsl.

Will brings many years of Sinatraesque swing and latin jazz experience to the band covering everything from Fly me to the Moon to killer classics from Stevie Wonder. Not to be missed!

Music starts at 7:00 PM.

Pass the Hat. A $7.50 donation to the band is suggested. See you there!!!

BLUEGRASS BRUNCH SUNDAYS 2-5pm are continuing ...

Another new season of bands, food, good times to be found at The Townehouse Tavern and our sister restaurant, The Laughing Buddha. Some of us are students, some are teachers. Many of us just work regular jobs from Engineers to Baristas and we just want to hang out in a place that has a laid back atmosphere, good food and good music. Take in the Elgin Street Scene and see where the arts live in Sudbury. From the guitar store at the top of the street (Cosmic Dave’s, 420 Elgin) through the School of Architecture and beyond, Elgin Street is full of the restaurants, galleries, coffee shops, a tattoo parlor and music stores that breathe life into this city. Add to that the Theatre Centre, Book Stores, Clothing Stores, and Craft Galleries. Smack dab in the centre… ground zero if you will… is the place where it all started, The Townehouse Tavern.

We have been your hosts of the best live entertainment for decades… on our stage you saw Sudbury’s first appearances of Nickelback, Our Lady Peace, Sloan, D.O.A., SNFU, Bedouin Soundclash, Tokyo Police Club, Hollerado, Alexisonfire, The Constantines, The Planet Smashers, The Salads, The Trews, Finger 11, Swollen Members, Philosopher Kings, Kardinall Ofishall, Choclair, Snow, The Tea Party, The Headstones, The Rheostatics, Blackie and the Rodeo Kings, Corb Lund, Serena Ryder, Sarah Harmer, Sarah Slean, Oh Susanna, Damnhait Doyle, Yukon Blonde, The Wooden Sky, Mother Mother, Hannah Georgas, Jenn Grant… classic acts like Razor, Anvil, Nash the Slash, The Paul Collins Band, The Fleshtones, The Viletones, Jad Fair, Fishbone… We’ve had the members of Joe Strummer’s Mescalaros come and pay tribute to Joe after he passed… Jon Spencer came around with Heavy Trash, his post Blues Explosion band with The Sadies. Our house musicians put together several shows each year to pay tribute to the great moments in music… The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Kinks, Memphis Soul, Tom Waits, David Bowie, Prince and more. We present Blues, Rock, Jazz, Indie, Underground, Funk, Outlaw Spacerock, Darkwave, Ska, Reggae, Punk, Noise, Folk, Bluegrass… anything!! We do it because filling your life with music is a good life.

The Townehouse Tavern is pleased to add a Vegan Menu to our regular restaurant items

Yes, we've got the best Burgers in the north. Did you know that now we can do most of our sauces as Vegan? We hunted down some great Vegan Hotdogs so now we can make fresh Vegan Corndogs for you, anytime of day... We have a selection of Vegan Cheeses... some from Daiya and some from the Kind Choice Food Co. in North Bay. We are making our Vegan Chili around the clock and giving you lots of Vegan options for Burgers, Salads, Appetizers... and even our desserts. Peruse... ask your server for the Vegan Menu. The food is not just kind to your insides... it's kind to the planet.


The patio is back. You still can't smoke on the patio. You can't vape on the patio. You can't smoke Cannabis on the patio. you can't vape from a Cannabis vape pen on the patio. You can't take your drinks out of the patio. I know... there's a lot of rules... they are simple, and we do follow them. As per AGCO regulations, if you break the rules, you will be asked to leave.

Legalization of Cannabis

As of October 17th, 2018, The Cannabis Act rolled out across the country. Inside the restaurant, in this licensed establishment, it changes nothing. You still have to go outside to smoke. You still have to go outside to vape.

Tuesday Night Trivia

Nickel City Trivia will run here at the Townehouse Tavern every Tuesday night at 8pm. This trivia night includes multiple choice, picture, music, general, and local trivia questions as well as weekly prizes and specials.

We will be doing $6.00 Stack pints on Tuesdays plus you will still get treated to live music right after the Trivia is done...

Plan to get in around 7:30pm to get your seat, order some food and a drink and get ready to tease your brain.




            The Townehouse Tavern has, for the last 28 years been the home of live music here in Sudbury.  A proud tradition of live music clubs across the country, like The Horseshoe Tavern and Call the Office… that are keeping the music alive at the roots level.  We join a lively community of promoters and musicians who keep the music scene alive in this city… It takes a village to keep it all together… Together with Northern Lights, River and Sky, Up Here, the Houles, the Drakes, Shawn Kosmo, all the guys from Murder Murder, Cosmic Dave’s, Jenn McKerral, Jenn Holub and about 50 other people, we work full time around the clock year in and year out… For some it is the family business… our sound tech Dunstan is 3rd generation Sudbury artist… Paul DiSalle is 4th generation Sudbury artist.  We want people to go out and support live music throughout the year.  We want people to be inspired to pick up guitars and brass and keyboards and drums and challenge themselves and challenge the community with new music.  Sing your own song, paint your own picture, write your own book… I should add more… cook your own meal.  Build your own instruments.  Carve your own niche.

Earlier shows and Late night DJ's!!

We have been edging toward this for a few years... first we said ALL the weeknight ticket concerts would start at 8pm... They have been working great... last fall we had great bands like Elliott Brood, Great Lake Swimmers, Tom Wilson, Stiff Little Fingers and The Mahones all with the doors opening at 8pm. Doors open at 8pm, first act will come on at 9:00pm or maybe 8:30pm. Headliner will come on around 10:30pm... we wrap up by midnight... and a DJ comes on and spins for a couple hours to the late night folks. It's the trend in the music business all over the country. Early doors, early shows, late night DJ's.

Every Friday and Saturday. Doors 8:00pm. Bands from 8:30pm to 12:00am. DJ after party... STARTING MARCH 1ST.

Maybe we will even try something on the Thursdays and Sundays too for all you hard workers around the city that only get to come out after the weekend is over or before the weekend begins.

This is the call I put out for DJ's... people who can spin a wide range of music from Classic R&B/ soul/ funk... early to mid-history hip hop... Gmaster Flash, Run DMC, Wu-Tang, a bit of Punk, proto-punk, new wave, modern garage (from Television to TV on the Radio, from Stooges to Pixies)... a splash of modern dance... maybe Bruno Mars and stuff that Ronson does, but not necessarily JayZ stuff... Someone who can make sense of spinning 50's doo-wop in between Missy Elliott and Curtis Mayfield... a little Blue-Eyed Soul and British Invasion, with a knowledge of Canadian and local music... to encourage and provide soundtrack to a safe and positive space, gender balanced and diverse ages.

EXCEPTIONS: Sometimes WE ARE the afterparty to another event... NLFB Bloom 19... March 8-10, La Nuit Sur L'etang - March 22, Stack Microbrew Festival - March 23rd, Northern Ontario Music and Film Awards - May 25th, Nickel Pop Festival - June 21, 22, Northern Lights Festival Boreal - July 4-7, Elgin Street Craft Beer Fest - Aug 9-10, UP HERE Festival - August 16-17... so there will be times that we run bands right until 2:00am... but for the most part... book your babysitter for 8-12!!


Saturday, April 27th - The Metis, Jailbirds - $7.00 at the door. 8:00pm doors

4 Bands on a Saturday evening, Within Us making their debut, Jailbirds (rock n roll trio from Toronto area) are also playing Sudbury for the first time! Joined by locals Prodigal Scum and The Métis! Stream the tunes anywhere (Links below)

The Métis


Prodigal Scum

Within Us

Doors 8pm - $7 cover

Friday, May 3rd - The Bad Hombres - $7.00 at the door

The Hombres return for another kick at 2019. Join the caravan of love coming to your town with your favourite songs. Don Kunto, Steve Joncas and Spencer Jose mix it up between alot of fun old songs and a new mix of indie rock from the likes of Black Keys, White Stripes, Father John Misty and much more.

Celebrate the end of school with great rock and roll.

Saturday, May 4th - Dizzy Mystics - $7.00 at the door - 8:00pm

Dizzy Mystics are on tour to celebrate the release of our debut LP Wanderlost.

They are joined by local killers Death Or Never Die, and Odyssey.

The debut album "WANDERLOST" is available for digital pre-order NOW.
Your pre-order grants you the first three singles "Letter", The Frequent See, Consistent Seas", and "Diamond Duller"!

Dizzy Mystics

Thursday, May 9th - $5.00 at the door. Open Stage. 9PM start.

No cover if you are playing.

This is your chance to get noticed.

Once a month, The Townehouse Tavern hosts an open stage night for all artists to come out and play. Whether you are trying out new stuff... working on a new band... trying out a new band member... or just met at the bar and said to each other... let's go jam a couple songs!!

The night is hosted by Mitchell Smith. If you know in advance you are coming... send him a message so he can begin slotting you.

Friday, May 10th – Lennie's Garage, Pop Machine - $7.00 at the door

Meet "LENNIE": He's a combination of diverse musical influences: Doug grew up on Southern Rock and Country; Jamie’s main influence comes from Heavy Metal & Classic Rock; Andre is total Octane! We all have a little Reggae & Punk too. So we coined our own genre
"Jalopy Rock".
A jalopy is a well loved, pieced-together car; it runs well but may 'clunk' every now and again. That's us!

Pop Mach!ne is a 5 piece classic rock and original band from Lively, Ontario. It was created with the Lively Intermediate Rock Band and the Soda Pops in mind, two bands consisting of some of the band members that are now in Pop Mach!ne. Recently, Pop Mach!ne won the NLFB Meltdownand secured a spot at this year's festival.

Saturday, May 11th – The Suicide Drifters, The Hazytones - $7.00 at the door – doors 8:00pm

The Suicide Drifters bring back the real rock and roll from before MTV... before Art Rock and bloated arena rock... before Payola Scandals. Come to a different world where Eddie Cochran didn't blow that tire in England... Buddy Holly didn't get on that plane... Elvis didn't join the army and get forced into movie contracts... Chuck Berry and Jerry Lee got along... that's the world of the Suicide Drifters... Rock and roll was fierce and fearless... championed by Eddie, polished by Brian Setzer, kept simple by The Ramones and kept smart by The Clash. Get on the Drifters side and get out and swing.

The Hazytones is a group of stoner rock founded in 2015 in Montreal. The trio stuns the audience with its stage presence and intensity. Riff after riff, the group is known for its fat sound and heavy destructive saturation.

Thursday, May 16th - Logan McKillop, W3eapons - 9:00pm - pass the hat

Logan McKillop is a folk/roots singer-songwriter and storyteller from Onanole, MB. Equally skilled as a wordsmith and an astonishing guitarist, every song is an invitation into the best of both worlds. He is unafraid to delve into what is real, exploring the highs and lows of the human condition with absolute honesty. Supported by his unmistakable guitar prowess, he leaves no audience without laughter, heartache, and a gentle reminder of life’s duality.

Logan’s sophomore album “Anchorless” (released on March 29th, 2019) is a collection of songs that display his maturity as an artist. Carefully arranged with an all-star Manitoban roster of musicians, the 10 track album comes to life with the addition of a string section, piano, drums, bass, pedal steel, vibraphone, clarinet, banjo, mandolin, and a whole lot of harmony. Recorded with co-producer Scott Nolan (The Song Shop, Winnipeg, MB), engineers Jamie Sitar (Outta Town Sound) and Madeleine Roger (Roseberry Records) and meticulously mixed & mastered by David Travers-Smith (found.sound.toronto), “Anchorless” takes the listener through a heartfelt reminder of what it means to live.

W3APONS is a Canadian Rock trio from Saskatoon, SK. The band’s debut single “Off the Top of My Heart” was co-written with Clayton Bellamy (The Road Hammers), Colin MacDonald (The Trews), and John-Angus MacDonald (The Trews). The band continued their relationship with John-Angus by enlisting him to produce the track. The result was a song reminiscent of AC/DC and Bryan Adams - yet entirely modern and unabating with its hooks. “Off the Top of My Heart” has received national radio play since its release on May 11, 2018, and has received over 200,000 streams on Spotify, grabbing attention of audiences from Canada, United States, Australia, England, and Central Europe. 


Friday, May 17th - Run the Program, The Noolands, The Mystics - $7.00 at the door

Run the Program - Three independent operating systems, simultaneously processing specific data, to run a single program. An original band from the Nickel City with rock roots that touch on some funk, punk and jazz. Run The Program is a 3 piece band with a big sound that loves to have fun, and create a high-energy atmosphere for all to enjoy. Hit ENTER, Run The Program, and enjoy the show.

The Noolands -

We call ourselves The Noolands. An eclectic group of Canadian friends from Barrie Ontario who sound a little rock and a little roll, with a touch of gypsy soul and a whole lot of groove! Really, it’s called folk, the music of the people. Our people. Our friends and ourselves. But we tend to get pretty loud and electric so everyone can hear us coming. Once just a bunch of generation-why boys in our high-school t-shirts that decided we should “make a record man!” and from the living room to the studio, we traversed. By day, we ride the bus to our nine to five and by night, we’re getting loosey goosey with anyone who’s hip to our sound! In-between all of this, we’re writing, eating and recording together. It never seems to stop, and that works for us!

The Mystics (Barrie, ON)

The Mystics are a psychedelic rock band from Barrie ON. Their music combines hard hitting southern blues riffs with ambient melodic breakdowns and roaring rock vocals. Their sound is a blend of classic and modern rock, inspired by bands such as The Doors, Pink Floyd, The Guess Who, Deep Purple, The Tragically Hip, and Radiohead.

Saturday, May 18th - Usurpents, Belly Flop, Slow Eaters - $7.00 at the door - Doors at 8:00pm.

Garage Rock sweethearts from Peterborough.

Local punks, you know em.

Noisey-post-punk instrumental power couple.

Doors at 8:00, music at 9:00.

DJ set by Monster a Go Go to close the night off.

*no discrimination of any kind is acceptable. Be nice to each other.

Sunday, May 19th - Lauren Mann - no cover - 9:00pm

After stepping back from touring for a few years, Lauren Mann is hitting the well worn road once again with new songs, a new band, and new energy. Since settling on British Columbia’s Southern Gulf Islands, she has rediscovered her voice and creative expression, finding new authenticity in her music. Somewhere between the tension of the beauty of her island surroundings and walking through a divorce, the new songs she’s been writing are marked by a maturity that carries a deeper honesty, tangible vulnerability, and renewed effervescence.

To support the release of her single Innocence (released Dec 2018), Lauren will be sharing that and more of her new songs across Canada in May with a fourteen date tour from Pender Island, BC to Montreal, QC as she prepares to start working on her fourth album. The songs are a harkening back to simplicity and storytelling, carried on enchanting melodies and supported by a full band comprised of Steph Jackson on guitar, Tim Charman on bass, and Kevan Britton on drums.

Thursday, May 23rd - Robbie G, Johnny B. and a whole lot more - Doors 8:00pm. $15 advance, $20 at the door

get tickets at:

opening performances by:
- R.Y.O.T. -
- Jordel Downz -
- Crypt -
- Storm Hogan -
- Johhny B -
- Koncept -
- i.b. profit -

19+ | doors @ 8:00pm
get tickets:
adv: $15 | door: $20

Presented by: R-Evolution Media Studio & CG Entertainment

music videos:
Sprite ->
The Homies ft. Snak The Ripper ->
Nothin To Do With Me ft. Merkules ->
Do What You Do. ft. Evil Ebenezer ->

follow Robbie G at:
facebook: Robbie G

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Instagram: @rmediastudio
facebook: R-Evolution Media Studio

Robbie G is making a huge impact in the hip-hop scene through Canadian headlining tours and releasing new music consistently since he started out. He released five mixtapes and 6 albums so far. Aside from his musical output, Robbie G has been busy performing at over 500 shows alongside artists such as Wu-Tang Clan, Mos Def, Rakim, Tech N9ne and more. He is now set for another Canadian headlining tour with his new album “One With The Elements” in the spring of 2019.
When not creating and touring, Robbie G is busy running his promotions company, R-Evolution Media based out of Guelph, ON, booking shows in his hometown and across Canada for acts such as: Sean Paul, Akon, T.I., Sean Kingston, Nelly and more. A true entrepreneur and a businessman Robbie G has been able to make a living doing what he loves by putting his passion for hip-hop and his positive outlook on life into his music. Robbie G is personable with fans and is able to put on a high energy performance that has captivated hip-hop fans and music listeners all over the world! Thousands of copies of his albums have sold internationally and include features from Swollen Members, Merkules, Killah Priest, Canibus as well as productions from Classified, C-Lance and more.

Friday, May 24th - Soda Pony, Blonde Elvis, Kitty & the Rooster, No Frills - doors 8:00pm - $10.00 at the door

Soda Pony (Whitehorse YT) is excited to announce their return to Canada's stronghold of nickel next month. Joining them this time round is Kitty and the Rooster (Vancouver BC). Come join us at this legendary venue for an evening of west coast Canadian rock duo madness.

Blonde Elvis is a Sudbury / Toronto hybrid that comes around as often as they can... "It’s pop music as deftly realized as it is imaginatively conceived, and that is a rare thing indeed." - Silent Shout

"Literate pop...A synth-specked lament for youthful idealism...A great new song from Toronto's most sarcastically swaggering Anglophile." -

Kitty & The Rooster is a rock n’ roll duo from Vancouver, BC featuring Jodie Ponto on the stand-up cocktail drumkit and Noah Walker on electric guitar. They are known for their surf-tastic hooks, clever lyrics, and ridiculously fun shows. New album One Gig Hard Drive out now!


Saturday, May 25th - Northern Ontario Music and Film Awards After Party - tickets at the door - Doors 10:00pm

NOMFA is the region's largest gathering of the music and film with a purpose to celebrate the best in film, television, and music created in Northern Ontario over the past two years.

However, NOMFA is much more than an awards show. NOMFA will play host to a number of music and film showcases, as well as industry panel discussions and workshops aimed at connecting and empowering those working in Northern Ontario's music and media arts sectors.

NOMFA 2019 will see a number of industry panels and professional development workshops taking place at Laurentian University’s McEwen School of Architecture in downtown Greater Sudbury.

Thursday, May 30th - Venus Furs - 9:00pm - cover

Venus Furs is from Montreal. Psychedelic rock stuff... more on this when we get the details...

Friday, May 31st - Lionhouse, David Dino White, tba- Doors 8:00pm - $7.00 at the door

A night of great music and good times! Lion House is a new band featuring familiar faces Ryan McIntosh, Patrick Wright, Kate Laface and Robert Harris... Tonight they make their Townehouse debut. LionHouse is a Canadian rock band from Sudbury Ontario. Formed in 2018. The music can be described as a singer songwriter approach to alternative rock, as emphasis is put into ensuring that each song has its own personality, charm, and story.

Lion House (Indie/ Alternative Rock)

David Dino White (Progressive Indie Rock)

Saturday, June 1st - Chladny - more to be announced - $7.00 at the door - doors 8:00pm

Sunday, June 9th - LAPS, Lovelet, Slowly - 8:00pm doors - $10.00 at the door/ $5.00 adv tickets

LAPS and Lovelet are rolling through Sudbury on June 9th!
Slowly and an <unnamed special treat> to join them!
LAPS, mtl -
Lovelet, mtl -

$10 at the door, $5 adv.
8pm doors

Friday, June 14th - Wine Lips, Brenda, White Hot, This Great Divide - $10.00 at the door - 8:00pm doors

Join us for this sexy night of weirdo Garage Rock
Friday June 14th - $10 at the Door
Doors @ 8

Muskoka Brewery will be serving up cheap pints and free samples

Wine Lips (Toronto) - If you saw Wine lips the last time they played the Townehouse, you might have noticed you had a serious case of melty face. Wine Lips have hit their stride with their new album Stressor. The three-piece have been slowly perfecting a brash brand of garage rock that sounds like an alluring blend of PUP and Ty Segall. Just like the stain that gave them their name, the hooks on these songs will be hard to wash off.

Brenda (Toronto) - This is Brenda's first time playing the Townehouse! Four piece garage rock band Brenda deep fry psych hooks into long mesmerizing prog rock anthems. Formed in fall 2015, Brenda have spent the last 4 years meddling minds with their electric and particularly loud live performances that are sure to blow you away.

White Hot (Sudbury) - Born and breaded in the city of Sudbury, Ontario. White Hot is a three piece extravaganza that dabbles in everything from garage rock to RNB. Michael Kenny from The Almighty Rhombus joins forces with Emmett Turkington (Coast Redwood/Hello Holiday) and Keith James (local bodybuilder) to bring the thunder. New Single "Shades" is available anywhere you can buy/stream music online :)

This Great Divide (Sudbury) - A 5-piece rock band from Sudbury Ontario. Made up of former members of Echoes the Lion, they’ve evolved their sound with this new project from party punk into a more progressive indie rock sound. They’ve just released their second EP in April, and this is their first show since!

+Late night DJ

Monday, June 17th - Ian Blurton's Future Now, Glenn Milchem, Espanola - Doors 8:00pm - $10.00 at the door

Since 1982 Ian Blurton has played guitar and sung in Change Of Heart, Blurtonia, Bionic, C'mon and Public Animal (among others). Two years ago he decided to finally make a solo record. He called on friends from? ?Biblical, Flash Lightning, Danko Jones, King Cobb Steelie and more to bring the Thin Lizzy/Budgie/Big Star/Motorpsycho hybrid to life. The LP "Signals Through The Flames" will be released on Pajama Party in June 2019.? ?Coming together to tour the record is Ian Blurton's Future Now, a hard hitting rock machine that features Glenn? ?Milchem (Blue Rodeo) on drums, Anna Ruddick (Randy Bachman) on bass and Aaron Goldstein (Daniel Romano) on guitar.