Welcome to December. Holiday time... let's put on a great coouple weeks of shows for you during the holidays. Thank-you from me and all the staff of the Townehouse Tavern and The Laughing Buddha for supporting us through the year. Thanks to all the musicians who come out night after night and week after week to make this stage your home. It continues to be an honour to work with you to bring music to Sudbury.

Thursday, December 4th – Tommy Fyfe – Sudbury’s veteran bluesman takes a dinner show with old blues, ragtime and more.

Thursday, December 11th – Ashleigh Brunet and Jamie Dupuis – this duet features Jamie of Hugh Jazz, one of Sudbury’s greatest guitarists, and Ashleigh, one of the sweetest voices in town.  This will be the last of our Thursday dinner shows until January.  Watch soon for the announcements for our January line-up for Thursdays….

Other fantastic things this month...

White Cowbell Oklahoma - December 13th

The Burgers are juicy, the music is great... watch for more special matinee shows to happen... we're looking to host a Tuesday night Record Fair... a kind of Vinyl Tap if you will... the gathering of Audiophiles to listen, swap, argue about the greatest music of all time... from 6-8pm... a Thursday post work jam - 5:30-8pm... plus the return of our Sunday Bluegrass and Gospel Brunch... it gives you lots to do in this week and really it is something for everyone... of pretty much all ages and stripes.

The Townehouse has been your proud host of live music in this city for 27 years. You have seen all the greats here... The Bourbon Tabernacle Choir, Dread Zeppelin, The Hopping Penguins, Me, Mom and Morgantaler, King Apparatus, The Tea Party, Our Lady Peace, DOA, NoMeansNo, SNFU, the Dayglo Abortions, Nickelback, Len, Bedouin Soundclash, Thrush Hermit, The Weakerthans, Plumtree, Joel Plaskett, Sloan, The Headstones, The Sheepdogs, Monster Truck, The Constantines, Cuff the Duke, Yukon Blonde and many hundreds more.

Wednesday, November 26th - The Pack A.D. - Tickets $10.00, $12.00 at the door. doors 8:00pm. The Metis to open.

This is the Pack AD's first return to the Townehouse since they are now signed to Nettwerk Records... the Vancouver duo is poised to make the crucial breakthrough long predicted by the fawning Canadian music press and presaged by the ever-swelling ranks of its faithful fan base. Formed in 2006 and following four releases – Unpersons (2011), We Kill Computers (2010), Funeral Mixtape (2008), Tintype (2008) – The Pack is an act that’s earned its current “bubbling under” status the old-fashioned way: by showing up and showing the people the goods one city and one new fan at a time and then coming back, time and again, with even more to offer.

The pair’s songwriting has expanded along with its diligently improving maxi-minimalist musicianship, too, to embrace churlish stoner-rock, infectiously woo-woo-ing bubblegrunge, bittersweetly expansive pseudo-shoegaze and a whole lotta “really loud, fun punk rock,” as Miller described the modus operandi behind the Pack’s Juno-nominated Unpersons to the Toronto Star in 2011.
On August 27th, Nettwerk Records will release a most proper introduction to the band in the form of an EP titled Some Sssongs. The EP is a 5-song collection of tracks from previous albums (“Sirens,” “Haunt You,” “Positronic,” and “Deer”) and a new track (“Battering Ram”) from their 5th LP Do Not Engage, released early 2014.

The timing is perfect. Black has always been a terrifyingly unhinged vocalist and a fringe-dwelling guitar goddess non pareil, but she’s learned over the years to channel her copious talents outward with range and nuance. Miller’s Keith Moon-esque disregard for the health of her drum kit now similarly displays a creeping command of lyrical subtlety, while her recent decision to start chiming in on vocals has added a whole new layer of potential to The Pack A.D. package. The Pack A.D. didn’t get to be the two-headed rock-‘n’-roll beast it is today overnight, but by throwing itself headlong into rock ‘n’ roll and genuinely living it for seven years on the road and killing it in too many shitty, empty clubs to mention even when only a handful of lucky people were looking – and killing at least one exhausted touring-van-slash-touring-home along the way, to boot. Black and Miller earned the right to be the totally fucking bad-ass band they are today. If you’re not already acquainted with what they’ve accomplished together as The Pack A.D., it’s high time you strapped yourself in and took a listen.

Thursday, December 4th - Jacob Starling Jazz Quartet - $7.00 at the door

This jazz group is gathering critical acclaim across the community.  Don’t miss this group of young musicians.

Friday, December 5th - The House of David Gang Reggae Band - $10.00 at the door

Throughout their career, House of David Gang has been known for their uplifting roots rock reggae sound, which pays homage to the classic 70's & 80's Jamaican sound mixed with a modern rootsy Canadian feel. The band takes its name from The House of David, an afterhours spot on Queen Street West in Toronto that was a Rasta hotspot for reasoning, dancing and reggae music from the late 80s until the mid 90s.

This Reggae favourite loves to return to Sudbury... this will be a great way to kick off your holiday season with an evening of cool Island groove

Saturday, December 6th - Sulfur City, Suicide Drifters, Jazz Paradis - Free with a Food bank Donation

This is Sulfur City's Record Release party... yes, they have produced a big slab of vinyl with all their songs on it. They wanted to have no cover charge for the evening, but we thought it was a good opportunity to have a night for collecting food... so... you can pay $2.00 at the door... or you can get in for FREE with a can of food or other non-perishable food item and Monday morning we take it to the Sudbury Food Bank.

Sulfur City has been stomping stages in Sudbury and around Ontario for a couple years. This is their first record release. They started out as The Sulfur City Blues Band but quickly realized that their world was much larger. Lori sounds like a mix of Patti Smith and Bessie Smith... and if those references are lost on you... please go out and get the Patti Smith- Horses album and Bessie Smith's collection The Queen of The Blues.

Don't miss the excellent Suicide Drifters... this 3 piece rockabilly band brings punk attitude to some of your favourites from the 1950's. Elvis, Billy Lee Riley, Chuck Berry and much more.

Sunday, December 7th – Tom Waits Birthday Party – 8pm doors, 9:00pm show

Our annual night to relish in the oddest, coolest and wildest batch of songs of the last 50 years. To quote Tom... we'll play Brawlers, Bawlers and Bastards this evening. We're not playing that whole record... just using the title of it to denote three distinctive styles of Tom's Songs. Some of it will have sultry flair. Some will have sharp edges, some songs will sound just like the records. We'll cover from Closing Time and Heart of Saturday Night through the Frank's Wild Years and up through modern classics like Alice, Real Gone and Bad As Me.

Friday, December 12th - Northern Lights Night - 9:00pm doors - cover at the door

Stay tuned for the line-up but what we do know is that moneys raised tonight will go to help the Northern Lights Festival Boreal in its next season. With a festival like this, even one day of rain can sometimes mean 3 years worth of fundraisers to try and get out of debt. Of course, the festival has endured for 44 years and will go on... and in the mean time, we will have amazing music for you to groove to.

Saturday, December 13th - White Cowbell Oklahoma - Big John Bates, Paceshifters - $12.00 adv/ $15 Door

Legendary Canadian rock armada White Cowbell Oklahoma return again to Sudbury with their most ambitious album to date. Bolstered by a tight new lineup, Buenas Nachas incorporates a breakneck mix of pulverizing riff-rockers and progressive Tex-Mex rollers. Kosmische motorik musik à la Ennio Morricone (via Jacksonville and San Antonio)? Some might say.

Critically-acclaimed earlier WCO releases Cencerro Blanco (2003) and Casa Diablo (2006) drew heavy inspiration from southern/Texas/classic rock traditions, while Bombardero (2009) saw the band entering Space-Prog territory. On Buenas Nachas the band travels further south than ever before, crossing the Nuevo Laredo border without looking back. Countless rock n roll thrills and lurid side-trips ensue. Spirit guide recommended.

White Cowbell Oklahoma, featuring new blood from several well-known Toronto bands, rage across Europe and North America through 2012 and 2013. The band is already known for its unprecedented live show -- which often features extended jams, near-riots, plus unorthodox power tool usage . WCO allegedly have many new aces up their sleeves. Bring protection.

Big John Bates weaves a sound described as ”heavy-hearted cello, weeping upright and come-hither guitars”. Considering John’s career started as a founder and singer/songwriter for metal legends Annihilator (Alison Hell, Never, Neverland), it’s safe to say no one saw this dark train coming. With vocals by both upright bassist Brandy Bones and guitarist Big John Bates, they create a southern gothic landscape drowned in atmosphere and resurrected in fire. The band also features percussionist JT Massacre and cellist Leanne Laboucher creating an awe-inspiring, bass-contorting, stage-jumping, sparks-a-flying live performance to pull your heart into your gullet. Chase it with a dirty shot of whiskey.

Paceshifters are a noise rock band from the Netherlands that we are proud to be hosting here in Canada. They are on the full Canadian tour with White Cowbell.

Thursday, December 18th - Barry, Sam and Jon - $5.00 at the door

They have been the centre of the resurgence of old time ragged country and folk in the Townehouse scene. The seeds of Murder Murder were planted here, and now that Barry has made the obvious transition into that band as well, all things are aligned. Aside from the majesty of Murder Murder and Barry Miles and the Rattlesnakes, things take on a brotherly organic vibe when you strip it down to the basic elements and three friends get to play each others songs, each others favourite old songs and hit it in harmony. Sorry there is no Murder Murder gig over the holidays as Fiddler Geoff returns to his Nova Scotia roots for the season.

Friday and Saturday - December 19th and 20th - The Beatles Nights - $10.00 each or $15.00 for both

The Fab crew of house musicians take on the music of the Beatles for Two Nights again this year. One night will be the whole Beatles For Sale album (in celebration of its 50th anniversary), among many Beatle Favourites... and the other night will have a big selection of McCartney/ Wings, Lennon and Harrison solo stuff among another huge selection of great Beatle songs. The band will try and hit 120 songs over the course of 2 nights. Will we finally try Uncle Albert/ Admiral Halsey? tune in and find out! Matt Foy, Nick Krawczuk, Dan Levecque, Ryan Levecque, Paul Loewenberg, Patrick Rheal.

Sunday, December 21st - Mr MD and the Aural Xciters - $7.00 at the door

                  The annual hoot with some of Sudbury’s great veterans.  These musicians have been responsible for producing many of the records that came from Sudbury for the last 30 years.  Dan Bedard, Mark Savard, Shawn Pitzel, Sean Perras, JY Begin are all scene veterans who get to have this night for stretching out and having fun with the best soul music of all time.  We usually see a surprise appearance from some of the singers that this band has backed up over the years… so be on the lookout for a special guest here and there. 

Monday, December 22nd - The Almighty Rhombus - $7.00 at the door

                  Rhombus has had a busy fall considering school and such.  They continue to criss cross the province as much as they can in between work and other daily commitments.  Check out their videos online and refresh how much you love this band… of course, this is their holiday show so we get to see old friends and have a classic Rhombus party.  Kosmo returns from school to take an opening spot tonight… welcome back all!

Tuesday, December 23rd - Matt Foy and The Swarm - $7.00 at the door

Matt Foy and the Swarm is an experiment in Dub Reggae. The band creates a sonic vertigo as the instruments are manipulated, cut out, echoed, and phased into a soul stirring groove monster.  Matt Foy & Little Sir Echo Surf/Spaghetti Western/Custom Car Culture/Sexy Party Driven by 50’s and 60’s instrumental music Matt Foy & Little Sir Echo will take you on a cinematic journey through dust bowls, dive bars and speedways.  Think Ennio Morricone meets Link Wray over indulging in caffeine in a bar in Kingston, Jamaica with Lee “Scratch” Perry.  The show is usually a mix of visual and aural stimulus designed to fill the dance floor and keep you jumping through the night.  Never the same twice… that’s what we love about the Swarm.

Friday, December 26th - Snowtown Revival - $7.00 at the door

Don Kunto, Zach Weill, Ben Wardo, Joey Fiorino, Anita Ansamaa and Dani Mallette.  This combo has been tearing up the city as one of the premier party bands of the last couple years.  It’s all Motown and soul music…

Saturday, December 27th - Pistol George Warren, Mick Futures - $7.00 at the door

"Hoots Deuce" is the fourth official release from Sudbury, Ontario’s genre-bending, vintage-inspired, party-on-a-
stage Pistol George Warren. The EP is the first release completely self-produced by the band, and explores a fuller, grittier sound than previous recordings.

EP single “High School Blues” pits twangy rhythm guitars against a set of R&B soul sisters.

Sunday, December 28th - Alun Piggins and the Quitters - $7.00 at the door

Alun Piggins is a veteran of the Canadian music scene.  Anti-folk/rock troubadour, writing life that haunts neon-lit doorways and threadbare rooms. A musical disciple of Howlin' Wolf and Crazy Horse, honing a blend of post-punk folk in bars from Saskatoon to Shanghai, Montreal to Moscow, and Halifax to Helsinki. Fiercely independent and one of the hardest-working Canadian musicians around with over 20 years of Replacements-inspired scrappy club shows notched into his Telecaster. Alun Piggins has entrenched himself in the business as a fearless self-starter, writing, producing, and engineering releases on his own label, Moldy Floor Records. His international focus has taken him across Canada and the US, China, Russia, Finland, and the UK. And his impassioned songwriting and guitar-shredding performances have won him audiences across all genres.

Monday, December 29th - Swan Song - $7.00 at the door

Tuesday, December 30th - Sea Perry - $7.00 at the door

Wednesday, December 31st - New Years Eve - $20.00 tickets - includes midnight buffet, party favours, midnight toast... music until 3:00am... The Beastie Boys Night Part Deuce!! - Tickets on Sale December 1st!!

                  When we held the first Beastie Boys night in 2014, it was easily the most sought after ticket of the season.  There was also a bunch of songs that didn’t get done so the band came back and demanded another evening to get this out of their system.  Of course, we obliged.  The Beasties, after all, are among the greatest soundtracks of an evening of party music that has ever been heard.  From the primal brat music of Licensed to Ill through the mature music of social protest, The Beastie Boys crossed lines of funk, hip hop and socially conscious music.  They never lost their edge… and while we wait for new music and art to come from the remaining members of the B-Boys, we can celebrate by listening to the records and getting together like this to jam once in awhile.  This evening features DJ’s, live band, MC’s, the instrtumentals, the party tunes, the funk, the punk… dinner, noise makers, midnight toast.