This is the Monthly calendar for The Townehouse Tavern, Sudbury's long time venerable home of live music. Can we sum it up? We love to present Rock, Indie Rock, Punk, Heavy, Soul, Jazz, Blues, World, Folk, Bluegrass and more. It's got to be something interesting and we'll try and present it. We do full bands mostly on the weekends and mostly solo acoustic acts during the week. We were the starting point for hundreds of bands since 1991... from The Tea Party to Nickelback... the Hopping Penguins, Bourbon Tabernacle Choir... to Born Ruffians, Yukon Blonde... Those who might be the biggest music stars of tomorrow, might be playing here tonight.


Our kitchen cranks out the finest Burgers in the north. Made from local, fresh, never frozen, steroid free ground beef, our Burgers are hand made fresh every day. We are proud to use local potatoes for our handcut Fries, along with any other items on our menu that can be sourced locally. We have the best hand made Veggie Burger around... The Beet and Hemp Burger... hearty salads... soul satisfying appetizers ... mmm... Deep Fried Oreos... We love to cook from when we open at 11:00am (12:00pm Sundays) until 2:00am each day.


We love to entertain groups for everyday and special events... Business, Family or Friends. We love to help out community organizations with Fundraisers. We love to provide great entertainment and food in a safe environment. We love families but we do ask for Age of Majority after 9:00pm. We love Craft Beer and fine libations but if you look under 25, we need to see your ID when you order, and we do ask that if you do consume alcohol, please drink responsibly.

For Catering Information... contact Matt St. Pierre

For Reservations... call the restaurant at 705.674.6883

For Band Booking, Special Events information... contact Paul Loewenberg










Ask any musician in Canada what defines Sudbury and they will most likely say, The Townehouse Tavern.  As a mid sized venue, this room has seen almost every popular band in the country over the last 30 years.

From Nickelback to Bedouin Soundclash, The Tea Party to The Weakerthans.  Feist and Sarah Harmer.  Our Lady Peace to Alexisonfire.  The Townehouse is known for it’s diverse music from Rock to Funk, African Traditional, Folk, Klezmer, Metal, Ska, Reggae, Soul, Punk, Garage, Jazz, Blues and Bluegrass and Outlaw Country.  The Townehouse is one of the few incubators of live music to have lasted 30 years in this country.

When The Townehouse began to bring in interesting music, it tapped into the cultural vein of the country.  Everything else in this generation of the Arts community blossomed from this corner.  The Townehouse was the start of the change that transformed Elgin Street and steered downtown back towards a centre of cultural capital.


MUSIC AT SUNDOWN ALL Through the Summer

Starting October 1st... we are having more dinner music!! Every Thursday 5:30pm to 8:00pm
Don't wait for the weekend to fill your life with music... Music at Sundown is a great chance for you to finish your work day with a little play. Enjoy the music with dinner. Come and see the fantastic talent we have in the north on a weekly basis. Great dinner, Great music. Thursdays - 5:30pm to 8:00pm. No Cover.

BLUEGRASS BRUNCH SUNDAYS 2-5pm are packing it in ... starting July 23rd

After a long run of Sunday afternoons, Our Bluegrass and Olde Timey players are taking a little break. This usually happens in the summer when we go traveling a lot and head to some festivals but there is a little more of an ominous break this time as Jim, our regular banjo player of the last 3 years is moving away. We will miss him dearly and as such it will put a little pressure on other players to come and if we want the Bluegrass Brunch to continue. If you have a love of Old Timey, Outlaw, Bluegrass, Blues, Gospel, Ragtime and Folk music and want to get in on playing every Sunday afternoon, let me know at Thanks.

May 1st - Patios are back!!

Just a wee reminder... from now until October, we have a patio out on the street. There is NO SMOKING allowed on the patio. This is an Ontario Law. Beverages are not allowed to leave the licensed patio area. Please don't try and stretch the rules, because there aren't any grey areas for our staff. If you smoke anything on the patio or if you pass alcohol out side of the fence... or if you try and stand on one side and smoke from the other or whatever... Ontario's government doesn't want you to be creative or funny... you will be asked to leave by the staff.


Wednesday, July 12 - All Ages show - Heart Beach, Odyssey, Oli Palkovits - 6:30pm - $10 at the door.


HEART BEACH (Australian Post-Punk/Indie Rock)

Heart Beach is coming back through Sudbury from their extensive cross-Canada tour. They played here a while back and were absoultely amazing. Beautiful harmonies met with chaotic, buzzy guitar and driving bass. Simple beats but super dancy. Fans of New Order, the Jesus & Mary Chain and Flying Nun Records.

Check out their album, Kiss Yr Face:

Odyssey (Local Indie Rock/ Post-Punk)

A relitively new band to the Sudbury music scene. The band has a huge sound and a wicked energy live. For fans of Interpol and Smashing Pumpkins. Check out their Basement Demos here:

Oli Palkovits (Local Alt-folk)

Oli Palkovits has been going at it super hard for a while now. One of the most talented songwriters I've seen in town in years. His songs are hantingly beautiful and his voice has the colour of an autumn forest. For fans of: Kevin Morby, Timber Timbre, Father John Misty.


Thursday, July 13th - Jacob Starling Trio - $7.00 cover at the door - 10pm

Jacob is a guitarist wise beyond his years, delivering guitar stylings in the tradition of jazz greats Joe Pass, Wes Montgomery and Kenny Burrell.

Swing, latin, funk and calypso are the grooves with a ballad or two thrown in for a romantic overture or a trip to the bar.

Joining Jacob this evening is bass player Brian Quebec and drummer Christopher Garlic.

Friday, July 14th - The Red Hill Valleys, Don't You, Mean People - $7.00 at the door - 10pm,

a great show coming together here. roots meets lo-fi composition. It's all groove.

The Redhill Valleys

"Ragged and Run Down"

"Either Or"

Don't You, Mean People?

Saturday, July 15th - FreeDubStar - $7.00 at the door - 10pm

freedubstar rocks Sudbury July 15 2017
Psychedelic dub - with an edge
Indie-Rock, Funk, Ska, Reggae...

Thursday, July 20th - My Son The Hurricane, NS3 - 10pm - $10 at the door

14 piece brass funk beast My Son the Hurricane begins an 18 day cross Canada tour in Sudbury at the legendary Townehouse. Come out and party with the horns and dance like it ain't a Thursday night! With special guest NS3

A group on Manitoulin Island’s east side has been laying down a new sound as of late. Picture enjoying smooth and colourful riffs stemming from the neck of a Fender Strat, overlayed by some cool vocal choruses and verses, backed by breaking bass lines and a solid drum beat. This is the experience you will be shared from Wikwemikong’s newest sensation, NS3. For nearly 10 years, under different band tags and several styles, these artists have come into a new epidemic of music that has been growing and have harnessed it by the horns. The sound touches all of Reggae Rock, complete with a saxophone section. Look out for Julius Wemigwans, (Lead guitar), Jessica Manitowabi (Vocals), Jason Manitowabi (Vocals), Mitchell Manitowabi (Bass), Jonathan Fisher (drums), and Brayden Roy-Pheasant (saxophone). Coming to a venue near you.

Friday, July 21 - Hugh Jazz - $7.00 at the door

Saturday, July 22nd - Sex & Summer, Taco Fiesta, Elijah and the Backburners, The Tradesmen- $7.00 at the door

Combining classic surf, dance pop, and indie rock to create a modern sound that will keep you moving.

Raised by the sound of rhythm and blues to gin soaked country, delivering a glimpse of pure Rock and Roll when excited.

A couple guys who decided to get together and start creating music about friendship and love. Born in the depths of LU, raised in the city of Sudbury.


Our out of towners for the night! From just north of Toronto, Tradesmen is a 5 piece indie rock band.
Check out their sound here:

Friday, August 4th - Taco Fiesta, Odyssey, Unhappy Sinners - $7.00 at the door

Taco Fiesta and Odyssey share the stage again to provide an evening of delicious and existential music. Featuring Jen Capra & Helena Cheu playing some acoustic solo songs as well, the night promises to be a good time for all!

Friday, August 11 - Saturday August 12 - 5th Annual Elgin Street Craft Beer Festival - Tickets available.

The 5th Annual Elgin Street Craft Beer Festival.
New Footprint - Vendors along Elgin Street. Music on Gray Street.
New Glassware - a sample glass that can one or two samples, with branded printing on the side.
Street Concert prequel - Last year we had the Pink Floyd Night do the Entire Wall album on Friday night... this year we have a long awaited reunion of The Smokers.

The Laughing Buddha and The Townehouse Tavern. The Buddha has been Sudbury’s home of Craft and Imported beers since its opening in 2005. Since 2008, we have driven the province to buy direct from the many small craft brewers in the province as well as purchased direct from importers and LCBO through our license.
Operations manager Paul Loewenberg has handled the administration of the event and looks forward to the expansion of the festival in the future to bring more vendors, more music, more partners and more people. This event is a premium beverage event that is open to all over the age of 19 to sample the finest in Craft and Imported beer available to Ontario.
The Townehouse Tavern has long been Sudbury’s venerable home of live music, presenting all styles of live music. Whether it be Punk, Funk, Blues, Jazz, Reggae, Rock, Roots music, Ska, Cuban, Calypso, Bluegrass, old time Country or even Metal… if your band was doing something interesting, this is the place to play.
The Festival closes down one lane of traffic along Elgin Street and the adjacent Grey Street to create a single licensed area for over 1500 people under a special occasion permit. Come enjoy 2 days of music and many fine samples of the newest and bravest beers in the market. Concert Friday, Beerfest Saturday.

The Smokers were one of Sudbury's most beloved bands. This hybrid of Ska and Swing with splashes of Rocksteady and R&B was a mainstay in Sudbury bars and festivals for 5 years. Josh Fuhrman, Matt Foy, Bryan McNally and Blair McNally created a great catalog of music, releasing one treasured album... confusingly hiding a 2nd album from all of us, plus playing many of the masters of the genre.

Smokers hit the outdoor stage at 9:00pm Friday. Stay tuned for full music line-up. Also on the bill is The Lazy Daisies, Sex and Summer and Martine Fortin.

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Split Rail
Redline Brewery
Lake of the Woods
St. Ambroise
Norse Brewing
Horizon (Stone, Ommegang, Belgians)
County Cider Company
Pommies Ciders
Great Lakes Brewing
Full Beard
Sawdust City
Granville Island
Mill Street
Goose Island

Thursday, August 17th - Amanda Davids and the Funk Riders - $7.00 at the door

Leading into your Upfest weekend, The Townehouse is happy for the return of Amanda Davids and the FunkRiders.

Enter the musical realm of Amanda Davids, where sonic boundaries are overthrown and myriad genres assimilated into one sound, Funk Rock. With a new “hold nothing back” sound, Amanda Davids presents her gritty fusion to theworld. Taking inspiration from revolutionary innovators before her, such as Muse, Massive Attack, Parliament, Prince, The Roots, Herbie Hancock, and Pink Floyd, Davids has created her own unique musical vision. Armed with her Piano, Hammond Organ and a raging Soulful voice, Amanda Davids ignites a stage with evocative songwriting and untamed Funk, rooted in Prog Rock, improvisation and Urban beats.

With emphasis on improvisation and unusual arrangements Amanda Davids’ Funk Rock has evolved into a musical form like no other. Davids’ diverse performance background ranging from small acoustic stages to large outdoor festivals enables her to deliver a performance for any stage. Davids’ high energy Funk Rock audiences should expect to see her full rig as she performs on two keyboards (Hammond XK3-C and Korg SV-1) with her band FunkRiders; 8-string guitarist, MPC Player and drummer. Her spine tingling vocals and charismatic stage presence carry over tight arrangements, dynamic instrument lines and digging urban beats. In more intimate and laid back settings you can find her solo with just keyboard and vocals or with any combination of her accompanying instrumentalists. Equally as enticing, her easy going sets have an Acid Jazz flavor.

Friday, August 18th - The Fleshtones, Fashionistas - $15 advance, $20 at the door

Stack Brewing presents this late night show with the iconic garage rockers The Fleshtones (Official) and the bubble-glam punks FASHIONISM at the Townehouse Tavern.

The legendary punk band The Fleshtones was one of the pioneering bands of the punk era, standing shoulder to shoulder with Blondie, The Ramones, Andy Warhol, Suicide. Since 1976, The Fleshtones have been blending rock & roll with rhythm & blues, serving it across the globe armed with smiles, push-up contests, and sweat! The garage rock band from Brooklyn is known for its intoxicating performances that put most young performers to shame even five decades after first hitting the stage. Even after their twenty fourth album, Rolling Stone magazine said, "the Fleshtones remain as energetic as ever."

Vancouver Bubble-Glam punks Fashionism started with a desire to write pop with a 77 Punk edge while keeping the standard set by bands like Generation X and Rudi top of mind. Avid record collectors and scene veterans from Vancouver, they’ve released four singles on various labels both domestically and internationally and will be touring Europe early 2018 in support of an LP.

$15 advance/avance, $20 at the door/à la porte
Get 'em at

Up Here is an urban art & emerging music festival in weird and wonderful downtown Sudbury that takes place from August 18-20. Follow: Up Here festival. RSVP: on the main event Up Here 3.

Saturday, August 19th - The Fleshtones, Dany Laj and the Looks, The Dirty Princes - $15 advance/ $20 at the door

Stack Brewing presents this late night show with the second night of iconic garage rockers The Fleshtones (Official), the riffs and thrifts of Dirty Princes, the quirky power pop of Dany Laj and The Looks.

The legendary punk band The Fleshtones was one of the pioneering bands of the punk era, standing shoulder to shoulder with Blondie, The Ramones, Andy Warhol, Suicide. Since 1976, The Fleshtones have been blending rock & roll with rhythm & blues, serving it across the globe armed with smiles, push-up contests, and sweat! The garage rock band from Brooklyn is known for its intoxicating performances that put most young performers to shame even five decades after first hitting the stage. After releasing their twenty fourth album, Rolling Stone magazine said, "the Fleshtones remain as energetic as ever."

Dany Laj and the Looks - comprised of Jeanette Dowling on bass and Lewis Handford on drums - flies the flag for power pop in Canada. Bursting out of woods with the hooks and harmonies of power pop's mid-1970s heyday, they have an unpretentious “joie de vivre.” This ain't no skinny jeans new wave revival band. This is pure pop.

Punk-meets-power pop-meets-rocknroll. Self-described as “cute garbage,” the band cheekily thrashes out a frenetic mishmash of angst and fun via live shows full of “riffs, gifs, and thrifts.” Replete with references to silly Noisey writers and classic Disney films.

$15 advance/avance, $20 at the door/à la porte
Get 'em at

Up Here is an urban art & emerging music festival in weird and wonderful downtown Sudbury that takes place from August 18-20. Follow: Up Here festival. RSVP: on the main event Up Here 3.